EVERYBOT RS500 Is the World's First Dual-Spin Mop Robot Cleaner & Polisher


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2016 --Everybot RS500, the world's first dual-spin mop robot cleaner and polisher, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In a market with countless robot vacuum and sweepers on the market, Everybot RS500 stands out as a true game-changer as the first self-cleaning robot that takes it a step further by actually mopping the floor. Designed to exceed the expectations of every struggling homeowner, this efficient robot promises to keep the house floor flawless, every time.

"I have been developing the robot, and the consumers were very interested in the first generation everyday use robot. However, the reality of the robot cleaners was that they could not properly clean because there were obstacles in the way and the consumers were dissatisfied about the high price," says founder and CEO Woochul Chung. "After asking a 3rd party to research what the consumers want, we found out that the answers were "cheap price" and "mop cleaning". The normal vacuum cleaners are not hard to use, but just gets lazy to do it. However, mopping requires strength so the consumers constantly found it needy. So I thought of making a robot cleaner that could mop."

The Everybot RS500 is a winner of multiple innovation and technology awards including a 2014 honoree at International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards as well as a 2016 Plus X Award Winner for achievement in design, ease of use, and functionality.

The Everybot RS500 includes simple one touch operation, various cleaning modes, and the world's first ESA function. The Everybot RS500 includes a built in powerful 5700RPM motor, rotating dual spin mops to ensure no spot is left unclean, and an auto-water supplying system allowing the floor to consistently be mopped. The Everybot also includes a remote control allowing users to completely control the machine wirelessly, eliminating all hassles and messes of tangling cables in the house.

Everybot RS500 has been thoughtfully designed to provide safe and efficient cleaning around the house. Equipped with smart sensors that can detect obstacles and avoid falls, this smart robot will stay away from cliffs and corners. A special luminance sensor enables Everybot RS500 to move to a bright place after cleaning, so that users can easily find it once the job is finished.

"The funny thing is that there are globally large-scale companies in the home electronics market but the middle and small sized companies tend to outstand them. This is because they begin with a unique idea and they are able to dominate the market," adds Chung. "Also, I think that the design is as important as the technique in making a product. A lot of the products that the middle and small sized companies produce lack in the design aspect. We focus a lot on making the product design, catalog, and web skills all match in style and unique."

The EVERYBOT RS500 Dual-Spin Mop Robot Cleaner & Polisher is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/everybot-the-robotic-spin-mop-robot-design#/

EVERYBOT is the robot cleaner manufacturer in Korea and was established in January, 2016. EVERYBOT has developed and upgraded robot cleaner technologies. Based on previous technology, patens and quality control system, EVERYBOT launched RS500, the robot dual-spin mop cleaner in February, 2016. EVERYBOT will suggest new ideal products continually by studying the inconvenience and discomfort of daily life from new perspectives.

For more information on EVERYBOT please visit www.everybotweb.com