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Everything Robotic: Topbest Technology Launched Smart Soldering and Screw Fastening Machines

The Innovative Changemaker’s Another Step to Boost Industrial Automation


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2019 --At the heart of Shenzhen, China's innovation center, there is a company that is known for its ceaseless attempts to revolutionize the traditional industrial process with pioneering technology. Its name is Topbest Technology Limited. Recently, Topbest renewed its robotic machine matrix with brand-new soldering robot series and screw fastening robot series, both equipped with science and technologies that are prepared for both the present and future of manufacturing.

The soldering robot series comprises 5 machines, varying in dimensions as well as performance features. For example, its largest and latest member, the T-6331RTX soldering robot is sized 900mmX630mmX1025mm (without the signal tower). It features a machine vision system (MVS) enabled by a 5M Pixel HD industrial camera. The T-6331RTX can position parts precisely and consequently process soldering without misplacement. The MVS also allows operators to monitor the soldering process in real-time. With the optional nitrogen protection module, MES communication module and preheat platform, the T-6331RTX is a beast in any large-scale production line that needs soldering in large.

Screw-driving is one of the earlier processes to be motorized. Topbest Technology introduces more smartness to it by employing the above-mentioned CCD positioning system enabled by a 5M Pixel HD industrial camera, and a Servo screwdriver with torque traceability. The latter feature allows for high torque accuracy, which is not only suitable for precise machine processing, but also energy-efficient in large-sum manufacturing as it always knows what torque to apply in given screws and holes. While deep hole fastening remains a highly demanding task for most robotic machines, Topbest's screw driving robot series is proven to deliver high accuracy and efficiency. These features can be found in its latest SC-6331CX screw fastening robot.

While its latest launches of robotic machines seem suitable with large production lines, Topbest also takes care of small production lines with more compact but as well powerful machines like the T6331R soldering robot and the screw driving robot SC-5331. In fact, Topbest Technology, founded in 2000, has been innovating and improving the manufacturing and machinery processes for almost two decades. Their products are consistently certified with ISO9001. ISO14000 and CE standards in addition to their plural national patents. The launch of their latest products is proof of their leading and reliable developing and manufacturing capability. As smart manufacturing and even artificial intelligence (A.I) manufacturing being more and more frequently talked about, Topbest is going to make greater contribution to the development of industrial automation by robots.

About Topbest Technology Limited
Topbest Technology Limited was established in 2000 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB and a factory of 4,000 square meters. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with an R&D team of 20 engineers. We own national invention patents, several utility model patents, and software copyrights. We have obtained ISO9001 & ISO14000 certificates. Some products obtained CE certificate. We provide professional solutions for soldering, dispensing, and screw fastening for the 3C industry.

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