EVOLVh Revolutionizes Natural Hair Care with a Healthy Hair Trio That Transforms Hair Texture and Appearance

The EVOLVh luxury natural line of hair products ups the ante on healthy hair with their new Healthy Hair Trio. Combining UltraShine Shampoo and UltraShine Conditioner plus SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner Spray, the health-conscience company creates a transformational three product system for turning straw-like hair into silk.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2014 --Typically words like gluten free, vegan and organic ingredients are used to describe a healthful diet. Could it be that healthy ingredients can also bring amazing performance and beautiful hair? So says EVOLVh and their mission to redefine the hair industry with health-conscience products that deliver transformative results. Users often describe the products as “miraculous” and “life-changing”, the relationship between the company and its customers can only be described as a love affair.

Expanding their offering to include the Trio in both 8.5oz and convenient 2.5 travel sizes, the company is ready to make its products the standard of salons and consumers seeking visible transformative results from healthful ingredients.

EVOLVh is quickly separating itself from the competition in the crowded hair care Market through customers experiencing immediate tangible results. The high level of efficacy is attributed to the company’s proprietary blend of botanicals and highly specialized amino and fatty acids that nourish and repair hair from deep inside the hair fiber. The visible difference after even one application is often dramatic.

Unlike most hair products which are typically formulated to be cosmetic and act mostly on the outer layer of hair, EVOLVh products perform like high end skin care, penetrating deep into each strand of hair and produce cumulative benefits, with each application improving the strength and overall condition of hair when used regularly over time.

The line’s 8 products are sulfate free, paraben free, and gluten and sodium chloride free, and are not tested on animals. Six of the eight products are vegan. All production is in the US and all products have a 95% or higher organic and natural ingredient content.

Anti-aging benefits are another key performance attribute, good news for baby boomers and anyone desiring younger looking hair. The line is also building an near cult like following amongst curly hair clients, who are discovering exceptional results in their often difficult to tame hair texture.

Boris Oak, founder and CEO of EVOLVh said of the Healthy Hair Trio, “These three products are the foundation of our line and are the ideal regimen for anyone who wants strong, healthy, more beautiful hair.” Oak adds, “The near daily testimonials we receive speak for themselves. It’s actually very humbling to be part of a company that has such a positive, often life changing impact on so many people. Hair is deeply personal and emotional and to be able help people love their hair and feel more confident and attractive is a pretty amazing thing.”

About EVOLVh
EVOLVh is a luxury natural hair care company that makes its products using 95% or higher organic and natural ingredient content. Devoted to evolving the hair care industry, EVOLVh products are available at fine salons and beauty retailers in the U.S. and Canada and online at evolvh.com

EVOLVh Healthy Hair Trio in the 8.5oz size retails for $75, and $24 in the 2.5oz Travel size.

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