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Ex SEO Manager of PokerStars and Full Tilt Launches Campaign to Warn People About the Dangers of Online Gambling and the Devious Marketing Campaigns Launched

Over nine million people a year turn to online gambling believing it is a game of skill. In reality, it is a game of luck according to a leading expert who is warning people about the dangers of gambling, and the techniques gambling companies use to get more customers. The former employee of a gambling company is set to reveal the underhand tactics used to gain new players and the false claims that Online Poker is a game of skill.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2015 --In 2013, the Independent reported £2 billion a year was being gambled online since then it has increased. The problem of online gambling is causing more people to be addicted than ever before. As well as being addicted, gambling is causing people to get into serious debt, and it is also causing relationships to break down. One person who wants to put a stop to the serious online gambling addiction problem is Ex SEO Manager of PokerStars and Full Tilt.

Serge Pon, an Internet Marketing expert and the Ex SEO Manager of PokerStars and Full Tilt understands the dangers of online gambling. He understands how it can put people to get into serious debt and where they can lose their homes. He also understands the techniques that online gambling companies use to get more customers and how online Poker is not a game of skill as advertised and instead is a game of luck.

Some the secrets he is set to reveal is:

1. How PS and FT manipulating search engines

2. How PS and FT hiding gambling advertising behind editorial content

3. How PS and FT operating in countries even where they have no licence and their domains constantly blocked

4. How PS use celebrities and other influential people, to create a myth that poker is game of skill

The reason he understands is down to working in the online gambling industry where these techniques took place. Now, even though online gambling companies are trying to stop him from talking, he wants to reveal the dirty techniques used to increase the online gambling addiction.

The former employee of PokerStars feels guilty that so many people have become addicted to online gambling and has now decided to speak out. While working for a gambling company, he was shocked at the marketing techniques that were being used. He reported the underhand tactics to his bosses, but they were ignored. Serge Pon found it hard to sleep at night knowing that more people were getting addicted to online Poker believing they were playing a game of skill. However, in reality, online Poker was nothing like playing poker in a casino or with friends where skill was involved. In reality, online Poker was a game of luck where skill had nothing to do with it.

Serge Pon said: "Poker is gambling, game of luck, a study from the Journal of gambling studies in 2013 provides compelling evidence for the fact that poker is a game of luck, not skill."

The once gambling Internet marketing expert has decided to reveal the secrets of how online gambling companies increase their customer base. Even though the online gambling community has tried to keep him quiet, he is determined to reveal the truth.

Serge has already launched an online blog where he's started to reveal the techniques that companies use (, and now he wants to go one step further and have the techniques investigated. He wants MPs in the UK, and the relevant authorities launch an investigation to stop the underhand methods and reduce the online gambling addition problem.

Asked why it has taken till now to launch a campaign to put a stop to the addition online problem, he said: "During the time I was working for PokerStars I have managed to achieve top rankings for "Poker" and other gambling keywords, which lead to 1000s of new visitors. In other words people who followed my marketing techniques to lose their money I feel responsible,"

He explained he wanted to inform people that playing poker is risky, and they can lose all their money. What really worries him is the marketing techniques that make people believe that online poker can change people's lives and make them wealthy, but in reality 90% of "pro" poker players are compulsive gamblers.

Serge Pon is set to talk to the media and reveal the techniques that are being used to increase the number of people who turn to online gambling. Even though he is being pressurized not to talk, he wants to make amends and help people to avoid the misery of addiction and debt.

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