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Ex SEO Manager of PokerStars and Full Tilt Will Reveal All Amaya SEO Secrets for will publish SEO secrets of Amaya, Rational Group, PokerStars and Full Tilt.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2015 --Serge Pon, an Internet Marketing expert, is set to cause controversy by lifting the lid on how poker and gambling sites use SEO to take advantage of people and generate new players. The founder of Anti-Poker website ( is set to send shock waves through the gambling world.

The founder of is set to shock gambling companies around the world by revealing the SEO secrets they use. Serge Pon, who has said online Poker sites make people believe they are playing a game of skill when in reality it is a game of luck.

He said: "Poker enthusiasts around the world are convinced that poker and all its variations is a game of skill. They believe that, if only they possess the correct techniques, they can make a profit from the game on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, this idea is a dream and a gambler's fallacy."

Serge Pon, who is an SEO expert with 14 years of experience under his belt, knows companies who run Poker sites are going to try to stop him from revealing their secrets. However, he is determined to let the world know the tricks that are used to take people's money and entice more people to go online and gamble.

The secrets are set to be published on Wednesday 20th August at 00:00 at Many in the gambling industry believe the secrets are set to cause the biggest scandal in recent years in the gambling word. For that reason, poker sites are going all out to stop Serge from revealing the truth, and if they fail, many questions will be asked, and gambling sites could be set to lose a fortune.

When asked the reason why he is willing to take the heat from big gambling companies and reveal the truth he replied:

"There are two reasons: first is to explain and educate people that many poker sites are manipulating the search in order to get new clients and to attract people's attention that poker is game of luck not skill."

Serge is set to reveal all the SEO secrets that poker sites use in countries that include:

- United Kingdom
- Russia
- France
- Germany
- Norway
- Japan
- Sweden
- Italy
- Spain

More people are getting hooked with online poker sites believing they are playing a game of skills, but according to Serge Pon, online Poker is not a game of skills and is instead a game of luck.

Serge Pon website, educates people that Poker is gambling and reveals the risks of playing poker online. He hopes his site helps people understand the risk they are taking when playing poker online.

To read the secrets and to be shocked at the tactics that are used by some online gambling companies, please visit

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