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Exciting New Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course Race Is Coming to Ocala

5k runs in Ocala will never be the same once the first Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race opens on April 23, 2016!


Ocala, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --5k runs in Ocala will never be the same once the first Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race opens on April 23, 2016!

There's something new and exciting coming to 5k runs in Ocala, and North Central Floridians will never see 5k races in the same light again! When the first ever Ocala Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race comes to the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park on April 23, 2016, participants will get to experience an insanely fun workout as they climb, scramble, bounce, and laugh their way through twelve giant inflatable obstacles created with fun in mind. It's like being the star of a video game come to life! The custom-designed obstacles meld the joyous fun of the best children's bouncy-huts with genuine physical challenges as participants scale thirty-feet high structures, forge through giant inflatable forests, dodge massive swinging balls, and more. Best of all, the Xtreme Air 5k obstacle race is designed so racers of all strengths, ages, and physical fitness can join in, making this Ocala 5k race a family fun adventure beyond compare!

Unlike most other obstacle races, Xtreme Air 5k is not a contest of endurance and pain that only the toughest warrior athletes can hope to complete. There are no barbed wire crawls for contestants to slog through like other 5k races in Ocala, no mud pits waiting for any who slip and fall. Instead of punishing participants for falling, Xtreme Air 5k encourages everyone to succeed with features like the escape doors on the intense "Balls to the Wall" obstacle that allow racers who slip to go back and try again. That's not to say that elite athletes won't be challenged by Xtreme Air 5k - anyone blasting through the climbing, jumping, and dodging activities of this course at speed will experience an intense workout that will test them to their limits.

Bring the whole family to join in the fun – spectators get in for free and anyone who is at least 42 inches or taller can enter the race to experience a thrilling, unique adventure as they giggle and bounce their way through with glee! Safety is never a concern for participants in an Xtreme Air 5k obstacle race, as all of the inflatable obstacles are made from top of the line, industrial strength materials and securely attached to the ground with high strength steel stakes and hefty retention straps. Fine mesh netting provides added security on the tallest obstacles.

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The first ever Ocala Xtreme Air 5k race course will be laid out over the beautiful manicured grass fields of the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park, located at 11008 S. Highway 475 in Ocala, Florida. The 500-acre, multipurpose facility is the perfect setting for what is certain to be Ocala's favorite annual 5k race event, as it regularly hosts World and Olympic level equestrian sports competitions, as well as many other indoor and outdoor events of every type.

Racers can conveniently sign up online and enjoy lower prices up until midnight on April 22, 2016, the Friday before the event. Walk-ins are of course welcome on the day of the race, Saturday, April 23, 2016, provided they bring a photo ID as all racers must show one in order to participate. The popular waves tend to sell out early, so participants are encouraged to sign up early to get their desired wave. Be warned - Xtreme Air 5k is such addictive fun that uber-athletes may decide that just one run is not enough! For these die-hard elite warriors (and anyone who wants to join a sold-out wave), All Access Passes are available that let racers join any and every wave they choose, even if it is sold out.

Packets will be available for pick up the day before the race between 4:00 and 9:00pm. Parking opens at the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park at 7:15 on Saturday, April 23, 2016 and the Registration desk opens at 7:30. Racers are advised to show up at least an hour early so they will have ample time to register, pick up their bib, rent a locker, if desired, and check out the course.

Central Floridians, bring your friends, family, and everyone else ready for an exciting workout adventure to join in the first annual Ocala Xtreme Air 5k Obstacle Race. It's time to experience the most fun, exciting 5k Ocala race the area has ever seen!

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About Xtreme Air 5K
As more and more Americans grow bored of the common, conventional runs and marathons that litter the country, there has been a growing demand for a more engaging, entertaining style of run that gives its competitors a chance to blow off-steam and fool around. However, the majority of the obstacle course runs that have sprung up often tout themselves as being elite athletic competitions or pride themselves on being grueling feats pain and endurance. The Xtreme Air 5k breaks free from the norm of obstacle courses by prioritizing one thing above all else - that participants have the most fun and exciting run of their lives! The Xtreme Air 5K custom inflatable obstacle courses are designed to be suitable for people of all age ranges and levels of fitness to have a blast on!