Executive Delivery Systems, Inc. Receives $10 Million from a Private Investor to Expand Its Shipping Network



Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2020 --Executive Delivery Systems, Inc. has proudly announced that it has received $10 million from a private investor to expand its shipping network. The Miami based American company specializes in worldwide shipping and has a growing national and International Shipping Network. Moreover, the company helps its clients save a lot of time and money through this network, and in enables them to get US based produced shipped anywhere in the world by providing them a free American address, which is required for online shopping in the US.

"Our shipping agents are strategically situated across the states and enabled with modern technology, and we will use this investment of 10 million dollars to expand our shipping network." Said Carlos Ruga of Executive Delivery Systems, while talking about the recent investment in the company. "To strengthen the shipping network even further, we have a knowledgeable team of professionals who make it possible for us to deliver reliable, high-quality shipping services to customers both within and outside the country." he added.

According to Carlos, Executive Delivery System and its management is extremely grateful to have professional team players dedicated to the quality and reliability of its worldwide services. As a major logistics services provider, the company has taken great advantage of the available cutting-edge technology, which has basically enabled its customers to manage their shipping needs efficiently, reducing overhead costs.

In addition to benefitting the e-commerce businesses worldwide, Executive Delivery Systems, Inc. also takes great pride in letting its customers enjoy reasonably low prices for all its shipping services. Moreover, the logistics services provider also maintain a close-knit relationship with its remote shipping agents that are basically the secret of its success in all of the US. These agents primarily help the company's management to monitor operational costs, and they also ensure that these costs are bearable without overpricing the company's services.

"When your store is connected to our systems, we receive products from suppliers and add them to your inventory at any of our strategic shipping agent locations across the USA." Said Carlos Ruga, while talking about the company's network nationwide in America. "Our high-quality order management and inventory monitoring software, coupled with our vast shipping and delivery network, is capable of handling orders of all sizes and getting them delivered to customers anywhere in the USA." He added. In a nutshell, the company basically handles all orders coming through the customer's e-commerce site, as they are automatically picked, packaged, and then shipped with as minimum delay as possible.

For more information, please visit the company's website at: www.executivedeliveryusa.com

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