ExMedicus Launches the WORLD'S First Health Smartwatch with Breakthrough Technology


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2018 --Long gone are the days when smartwatches were rare luxuries. Today, it's possible to find one to suit any budget. But, as the market dampens, so does their allure. That is until the new revolutionary smartwatch from ExMedicus came along.

Complete with biotechnology features that can detect potentially fatal cardiovascular conditions, the ExMedicus Smartwatch is set to alter personal biotechnology as the world knows it. Incorporating data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and variability in heart rhythm, it places the wearer firmly in control of their health.

The world's first Health SmartWatch with integrated PPG, ECG, PWTT and 512 Hz Real Medical Raw Data

To many, electrocardiograms are facilities that remain accessible in hospitals only. With the thirst for self-directed healthcare growing across the world, the ability to access an electrocardiogram from the comfort of the user's wrist comes with a litany of safety benefits.

Much of the data that enters the ExMedicus smartwatch can detect conditions that could easily result in death or disability. Take atrial fibrillation, for example. As a condition that could affect as many as 2-percent of the population, it's easy to miss. While patients may pass its symptoms off as harmless palpitations, clinicians rely on capturing it if their patients present for an ECG at the right time.

With the ExMedicus smartwatch, the wearer can detect harmful heart rhythms. All data downloads to their smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing them to save pertinent information their doctors can use to formulate a diagnosis.

Each of the health perks goes beyond detecting AF. Other irregular rhythms that cause strokes, supraventricular tachycardias and the warning signs of a cardiac arrest can all become evident. With all of this information, the ExMedicus Smartwatch wearer can seek medical care promptly, giving them the opportunity to save their own lives.

While patients once relied on receiving such information from implantable cardiac devices, now they can grab it from the comfort of a wrist-based device.

Generating the perfect sports lifestyle

Early warning cardiac benefits aside, the ExMedicus Smartwatch fulfills many of the functions sports lovers expect from such watches. Training times, Vo2 max, and recovery periods all upload to the user's smartphone, giving the wearer the chance to refine their workout technique.

While the ExMedicus Smartwatch is set to revolutionize medical care in the world, its ability to go to market still depends on crowdfunding. With the right financial support in place, it could drastically change how health-conscious persons manage their own care.

About ExMedicus
ExMedicus [Latin ex=from; medicus=doctor] - the world's first Health Smartwatch with breakthrough biometric technology that monitors Health, Heart Health and Physical Wellness. ExMedicus is the Brand of Planet Intelligent – Digital Health Company.