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New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2015 --For many years, Burma now known as Myanmar remained an outcast state. Post the British rule, its neighboring countries thrived, but Myanmar remained isolated from the rest of the world. Myanmar's wealth of Buddhist Pagodas and ancient temples has now boosted the tourism industry.

Myanmar's culture is a result of heavy Indian influences sublimely woven with local traditions. It feels like visiting a page in history, which got warped in time. It gives you a taste of the fascinating and distinct ways of life of the locals who live on the edge of the modern world. It is now opening up to the modern world as sanctions are disappearing and more gateways are opening up. Tourism has wised up to the potential of the minority peoples and is creating a niche market for itself.

Along with ancient pagodas and monasteries, Myanmar also boasts of almost 2000 meters of coastline. It has some of the finest stretches of beach in Asia, undiscovered by tourists, unspoiled by development. Most of these beaches face west hence is idyllic for viewing sunrises and sunsets.

Compass Tours, a well know luxury Travel Company in the Indian Subcontinent, has now expanded its operations and network and are providing Myanmar tour packages from India.

"On the insistence of our clients, we decided to include tours to Myanmar to our repertoire. Having travelled half across the globe, our clients wanted to experience a little more of The Orient. Since Burma is linked, both geographically and culturally to India, it blended naturally and beautifully into our efforts in giving our esteemed clients an added flavor to explore." – says Durjay Sengupta, the CEO of Compass Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Since Myanmar is taking its baby steps into the world of tourism, its infrastructure is still nascent. Compass with its vast experience in handling discerning travellers for 15 years serves as the perfect foil. Our escorts and guides are well trained and will take your likes and dislikes into account. From domestic flights to boats rides, attending local rituals to giving a deep insight into the daily lives of the tribal people, Compass handles the smallest details of the journey with utmost efficiency.

Myanmar has 3 specific seasons. The hot and dry season starts from March till May. The rains come and bring the temperatures down during June to October. The rains also bring in humidity. On a hot afternoon with temperatures touching 40 degrees, and a relative humidity of almost 90 pct., it tends to get a little uncomfortable. The best time to visit Myanmar is between November and February.

People of this warm and hospitable country are quite friendly and polite. The influence of Buddhism is one of the reasons. As modernism is creeping in, the internet is slow and may not have an easy access. You will need to carry plenty of cash. There are few ATMs around and credit cards are accepted only in 5Star establishments and upmarket stores. Make sure the dollar bills you carry are new, fresh and unfolded bills. Creased, folded and weary bills have no value in Myanmar. Do not worry about carrying large amounts of cash with you as the crime against foreigners is rare and not unheard of. A vast majority of the population is Buddhist; hence people are by and large honest.

Most of our Tour packages to Myanmar start at Yangon.

Upon arriving at Yangon International Airport, You will be greeted by our local guide and transfer to the Hotel.

Yangon is a large yet not modernized city. There is a distinct old world charm to it. It has Victorian buildings, long boulevards, lush green parks and soothing lakes. It also boasts of a throbbing and bustling city center.

All tours and itineraries are personalized and destinations and duration can be according to the client's preferences, time and budget.

The internet is still crawling and making travel arrangements including boat rides may seem like an uphill task. Myanmar Tour packages with Compass will ensure a smooth sail into imparting an everlasting impact.

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Compass India Holidays is a luxury tour operator with 15 years of expertise in crafting momentous tours. The Company has now added Myanmar, its neighbouring country, in its range to deliver bespoke, hand-crafted and memorable experiences. Each tour is designed to meet the ultimate cultural and soulful experience within a stipulated budget.

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