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New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2015 --Throughout the year, people from Rajasthan and all around India wait for this auspicious time in November when the much-awaited Pushkar fair takes place. Along with the buying and selling of camels, other kinds of cattle change hands too. A variety of cultural and sporting events take place. Men and women can dress up in all their finery and colourful attire.

The fair reaches a crescendo on the night of the full moon in November. Pilgrims come from far and near to take a dip in the holy lake situated at Pushkar. The lake has 52 Ghats. People believe that taking a dip in the lake during this time cleanses their souls and washes out all sins. A journey to Pushkar is a cleansing of sorts. After a dip in the sacred water, people proceed to light a lamp. As the Sun begins it's descend, hundreds of lamps or votive are lit and floated on small boats made of leaves. This creates a soul-stirring atmosphere. A sign of hope and forgiveness comes alive as the itinerant Bhil and Langa minstrels start singing in their attempt to reach out to the Almighty.

Camel races take place. Along with this, there are various other competitions like horse race and a competition to determine who has the longest moustache. Cricket matches between locals and visiting foreigners are popular too.

To take part in the Pushkar fair, camels get shaved, cleaned, and adorned with colourful pom-poms, beaded camel jewelry and other embellishments. There are other animals too, but camels steal the show.

Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd, being a pioneer in organizing luxury tours to Rajasthan, has added various extra specials in their Pushkar Camel Safari Tour.

"You must reserve at least one day in your itinerary for Pushkar. If you are coming to Rajasthan, then you cannot go without visiting Pushkar," says Durjay Sengupta, the CEO of Compass. Pushkar is perhaps the only known place in the world to have a temple of Bramha. Some reports state that there is one in Indonesia too, but it is most unknown.

Pushkar is well located. It can be woven into the itinerary, which includes Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Our travel experts always recommend Pushkar Camel fair tour if one plans to visit Northern India.

There are a few places to visit near Pushkar too. The holy town of Ajmer is just 16 kms away. It has the mausoleum of the renowned Sufi saint, Khwaja – Moin-ud-din-Chisti. It is sacred as per Hindus and Muslims.

The enigmatic Khimsar Fort lies approx. 125 Kms away from Pushkar. Amidst the sand dunes of the majestic Thar Desert, this fort has a rich history and a splendorous presence.

Famous for its style of painting, the dainty town of Kishangarh is 32 Kms away from Pushkar. It is the marble hub of the country.

The Pushkar fair activities are best enjoyed in the mornings. As the day progresses, it gets got and the crowd can get a bit overwhelming. The evenings are best enjoyed by the serenity of the Ghat under a million stars.

The guides often narrate captivating stories about the fair and the mystic of Pushkar. Their tales along with the vibrant visuals of the fair, bring alive the grandeur of Rajasthan. The Pushkar fair is a spectacle on an epic scale. Tradition meets spirituality and transcendence into a hallucinating marvel.

The Pushkar fair tour is customized and the number of days varies as per the client's interest.

This is an open to all spectacle. Attending the fair can be strenuous and tiring, especially if the client is not used to the sheer number of people present at the fair. Compass ensures that one gets to see and do as per personal goals without getting too exhausted.

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