Experienced Witch Creates a Journal to Ease Baby Witches Along Their Path

Canadian Witch aims to assist new witches in creating their Book of Shadows by creating a pre-formatted journal to get them started.


Scarborough, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2020 --Witchcraft has become a growing phenomenon, gaining popularity over various social media platforms, and as such many people are being introduced to this new and different way of life. Danielle, having started practicing witchcraft over fifteen years ago when the information was not as easy to come by, knows how hard it can be to just pick up the craft with no guidance. The amount of information online is overwhelming, so she hopes to ease some of the learning pains for new witches that she had endured, specifically when creating her recently released book A Witch's Book of Shadows: Spells, Rituals, Sabbats, and Journal Grimoire. This book is one of the most valuable tools, as it holds all the spells and rituals previously done, or to be done, by that witch.

Why is this book so important? Not only does it keep all the successful spells at arm's reach, but also the unsuccessful spells. Correspondences like astrological timing, which herbs were used, and what colour candle was burned, are resources for why and how a spell was successful or not. Having a page to refer to, or a spell to modify, not only helps the witch remember their correspondences a little easier, but can also grow their confidence in their craft. It's much easier to modify a recipe when you've already tried it and can go back to reference what it is you want to change.

Having gone through tens and tens of journals, binders, and notebooks herself, Danielle finally found her dream Book of Shadows late last year. Thinking about all the wasted time, energy, and money on so many products, was the reason she got to thinking about creating something that would make it much easier for new, or "baby witches" to the path, to figure out what they like and dislike in their Book of Shadows.

Danielle has been running the Instagram page "@awitchalone" for six years as of 2020, rounding out at almost 80k followers, who are grateful for the immense amount of free information she shares. Earlier this year opened up an online, independent shop offering themed boxes for witchcraft celebrations, tarot readings, and various ritual products geared towards witches of all experiences and walks of life, to aid in their daily practice.