Expert Playing Card Company Announces Kickstarter for Minimalist Playing Cards


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2020 --For fans of unique decks of playing cards, Siavash Mortazavi and Expert Playing Card Co are pleased to announce their Kickstarter campaign for Light Roast. These playing cards are minimalist in design, sticking to straight lines and simple shapes, avoiding the curves and busy layouts that can make reading typical modern cards more difficult.

The suit symbols on Light Roast playing cards are angular and easy to interpret. The face cards are also easy for users to identify. Instead of trying to count the number of hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades on a given card, the designs simply increase in size along with the value of a card. View the Light Roast Kickstarter page to see high resolution images of each card.

While some people are satisfied with just a single deck of standard playing cards for all of their games, collectors know that unique and novel decks can add a fresh feel to a favorite card game, from poker to cribbage to rummy. According to Mortazvi, "I have some beautiful decks in my collection, but they're not very playable, because of either a too small or too graphical suit symbol and design type. Therefore, I designed mine to be very simple, readable, and relatively large for a better playing experience."

Light Roast playing cards will be printed on the classic player card stock from Expert Playing Card Company. The decks will be distributed by Gambler's Warehouse. Both companies are familiar with the process; producing decks has become simple at this point, says Mortazvi, referencing his growing collection.

The Kickstarter is set to continue until December, but one third of its goal was reached within just three days. Once the Kickstarter is complete, shipments are expected to begin in March 2020.

About Siavash Mortazvi
Mortazvi is a software developer and designer who has previously worked on games like Before Eternity and Once Upon a Clown. He has also worked on several minigames and game projects. His passion for all things artistic inspired him to create the cards backed during this Kickstarter.

About Expert Playing Cards
Expert Playing Cards specializes in printing high quality card decks on superior quality paper. They are known for their ability to produce high quality cards for any number of uses.