Expert Retown Urban Housing Developers Help with Urban Revitalization

For urban housing and planning for revitalization, Retown is the right consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive urban development.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2017 --Retown seeks to partner with local investors, contractors, vendors and others public and private sector organizations to develop customized sustainable housing solutions. While their approach typically seeks to co-develop housing with local development partners, they can also assume the role of a lead developer or development consultant.

These days property owners seek sustainable housing solutions worldwide,placing a clear emphasis on reducing long-term utility and maintenance expenses, grid independence, tenant health and environmental impact. Importance is being given to the long-term return on these investments. With this in mind, Retown partners with housing organizations to identify and assess multiple sustainable housing solutions for individual sites or an entire housing portfolio.

As the owner of multi-family properties, the company primarily focuses on the acquisition and rehabilitation of mature, urban properties in need of comprehensive renovations of energy retrofit. Ideally, such properties will benefit from a reduction in their operating expenses by lowering their energy consumption, maintenance expenses, and long-term replacement cost. Typical multi-family projects include expiring low-income housing tax credit and section 8 properties, public housing renovation, abandoned school and public building retrofit conversations, urban land redevelopment.

At Retown, the expert urban housing developers believe that heart and soul of every town and city are its community. They identify unique opportunities and challenges to preserve the integrity of a place and provide a better quality of life for everyone. They also understand the need to master-plan that reflects fundamental yet vital considerations.

With a great deal of experience in securing the financing, they strive to turn ideas and designs into reality. They also team up with the private and public sectors to successfully negotiate TIF redevelopment agreements and secured grants and tax credits. The idea behind these investments is to create office and retail centers, multi-unit apartments, new neighborhoods, homes, parks, landscaping, industrial centers, transit-oriented developments, and improvements to sideways and pavements. With years of operation in the industry, they have been able to create more job and additional revenues.

For more information and knowledge on senior housing consultants and other housing development, visit or call them at 708-442-4545.

About Retown
Retown is a highly integrated team of real estate planners, investors, and builders dedicated to thoughtful revitalization of towns and cities. The Retown approach has three phases: ReThink. ReInvest. ReBuild.