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Explaindio Review Offers First Look at Revolutionary Video Creation Software

Explaindio review shows how a new tool opens up a common video creation technique wider than any piece of software in years.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2014 --Today, Explaindio releases their revolutionary new video creation tool, Explaindio Video Creator, and internet marketers have been buzzing for weeks about the features of this new piece of software. Explainer videos will become more exciting and visually interesting. Explaindio offers an entire new dimension of depth to the next wave of explainer and 'whiteboard' video creation.

While the term explainer and 'whiteboard' video might draw a few blank stares here and there, virtually everybody who has ever used YouTube to look for a product or service has seen an explainer or 'whiteboard' video. These are those videos intended to demonstrate, or explain, a product or service in a fun way. They typically show a hand sketching stills or animations while a voice over guides the visual demonstration.

All of this kind of video creation heretofore has taken place against a white background, hence the term 'whiteboard' video. What makes Explaindio Video Creator so revolutionary is that it does away with the white background, and allows for full integration with HD video.

Kristie Childa of eMarketplace Reviews says of Explaindio Video Creator, "This is a game changer. Explaindio has created a tool that will up the bar for good explainer videos. No longer will an explainer video be banished to the white spaces of the 'drawing board'. Now those hand sketches can live on top of a full video production. We have an Explaindio review that demonstrates the WOW factor of Explaindio Video Creator."

She goes on to say, "The problem before was that you either used VideomakerFX which specialises in animation OR Easy Sketch Pro whose specialty is simply whiteboard sketch. So you would either create animation videos or sketch videos but NOT both. Explaindio combines animation AND whiteboard sketch with HD video backgrounds _ this is what is special about it. In addition, it uploads video with sound which was not possible before and you can import slides from other software too. Explaindio brings a lot more versatility to the video creation space. It replaces the need for the two market leaders by doing everything they do in one easy to use and speedy tool. "

eMarketplace Reviews has released a new Explaindio review video looking at the features and benefits of the new Explaindio Video Creator software. Those interested in Explaindio's new software can see all the features, and a few of the drawbacks, of this exciting newcomer to Internet marketing.

A detailed Explaindio review can be found on eMarketplace Reviews' website at http://www.emarketplacereviews.com

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