Extra Comfort from GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes

Answering repeated requests for extra comfort in elevator shoes, GuidoMaggi has launched the Extra Comfort category for men who want to be taller, in comfort.


Lecce, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2016 --Elevator shoes are not generally known for their wearable comfort. It's been the sort of sacrifice that those who needed a boost in height were willing to make. However, in the luxury market, there has been a steadily rising chorus of pleas for more comfort in shoes that make you taller. Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, has taken those pleas to heart.

The man who wishes extra comfort can now get it in a new line of elevator shoes called, naturally, Extra Comfort, from GuidoMaggi. The first entries in this line feature wholecut leather uppers. Carefully selected premium leather is cut to form a one-piece upper, which is then artfully sculpted into an elegant shape. Not only does this offer bespoke styling, it also means a most comfortable fit for the wearer. Add to that longer life, because the upper of the shoe or boot isn't sewn together from separate pieces of leather, and you have a superb option for discreet height increase and comfort.

For a more casual look, slip-ons with a superlight, flexible, full rubber outsole are being offered in several styles of shoes and ankle boots. Again, a discreet lift is married to the ultimate comfort for the wearer, with superb Italian style and craftsmanship.

Finally, one does not have to sacrifice comfort to gain height. The marriage of artisanal shoemaking with considerations of comfort makes GuidoMaggi Extra Comfort Luxury Shoes the best choice one can make for discreet height increase, and fashionable appearance. The uncompromising creation of exceptional footwear is a hallmark of Italian craftsmen. Now, add to that a superior line of elevator shoes that are made to cradle the foot in exceptional comfort, and you have a new day in height increasing shoes.

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GUIDOMAGGI luxury elevator shoes represent nearly 100 years of Italian craftsmanship, now available online. The skill, attention to detail and finest materials that go into the making of these height increasing shoes offer a superior choice that simply wasn't available until now

Emanuele Briganti, CEO