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Eye Doctor Provides More Than Vision Correction for Patients in Tucson

Dr. Martin provides medical diagnosis and treatments for a wide variety of optometric ailments and abnormalities.


Tucson, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2016 --At Clear View Vision Care in Tucson, Dr. Martin and his staff provide leading experience and extensive knowledge to their patients. He began expanding his training in optometry early on in his education to go beyond vision correction. Recognizing that complete eye health is an important part of vision correction, he provides the latest technology within the industry to diagnose and treat more than 15 types of diseases and abnormalities of the eye that can cause vision loss.

The early detection of eye diseases without using radiation is possible using the iVue OCT. This scan can detect glaucoma six years earlier than older technologies. By providing this non-invasive screening, Dr. Martin has prevented many cases of vision loss in patients. The Diopsys NOVA VEP/ ERG/ Enfant Vision Testing System is another non-invasive option. This system determines the functioning pathway of the eye for all ages of patients, including children. It is often used if a patient has experienced a neurological complication from a brain injury or stroke, and is able to measure the pathway from the eye to the cortex of the brain, as well as determine any deficiencies, if present.

Endothelial cell imaging and analysis has also been proven to aid in early detection of vision loss in patients. Wearing soft contact lenses over a long period of time can cause endothelial cell loss. A variety of other factors also contribute to unhealthy endothelial cells, such as corneal diseases, but with the use of this unique microscopic view, Dr. Martin is able to see well beyond the typical imaging system to view a very detailed image of the condition of the cells. By detecting endothelial cell loss early on, Dr. Martin and his staff can provide immediate treatment to help prevent vision loss.

BlephEX is a specific procedure used to manage and treat blepharitis. Blepharitis is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria along the eyelid, at the base of the eyelash, and worsens with age. The BlephEx system simply cleans the area in about eight minutes to help avoid long-term inflammation. As the leader in eye care, Clear View Vision Care in Tucson also provides OrthoK to patients as young as seven and for patients in their 70s. OrhtoK corrects near and far-sightedness and even helps patients with astigmatism. OrhtoK therapeutic molds gently reshape the cornea as they are worn during the sleeping hours and removed upon waking. Dr. Martin and his team are proud to provide each of these treatments and more at Clear View Vision Care.

About Dr. Jeffrey F. Martin
Dr. Jeffrey F. Martin has more than 25 years of experience in optometry, with many certifications, fellowships, and memberships to optometric associations. A 1991 graduate of the Southern California College of Optometry, Dr. Martin has extensive knowledge in the field of optometry.

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