Eyes2c Launches Dream Journal


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --Eyes2C Inc., a non-profit start-up, is launching a pilot of its innovative on-line journal to enable people everywhere to record their dreams and other spiritual experiences for their own benefit but also as part of a social experiment to "connect the dots" to find patterns and even predictions of future trends and events.

Founder Jeff O'Dell states, "We know there are people who have an intuition about situations that cannot be easily perceived by our five senses. By itself, this is interesting but when many people who don't know each other have the same intuition—it is profound." Jeff is leading a social experiment to synthesize these perceptions and intuitions to discover a collective wisdom based on Carl Jung's concept of the Collective Unconscious (1916) and Surowiecki's Wisdom of Crowds (2005).

Eyes2C is developing a system that will enable them to identify patterns, themes, and predictions within the metaphorical dreams and visions of many people. They will employ a method of dream interpretation that borrows from modern methods combined with ancient traditions developed by the Hebraic culture thousands of years ago. They have created a website and mobile application to capture this content and utilize sophisticated programs used in business and research known as big data. Each individual will maintain their own private journal but the database will aggregate this information while maintaining the anonymity of the contributor.

The pilot will be available to the first 500 registered users and expanded during the summer of this year. It works on all modern browsers, tablets, and smartphones at https://www.eyes2c.org/. It is free to use but donations are requested to fund on-going development.

About Eyes2C
Eyes2C, Inc. is a non-profit start-up based in the Boston area. Their mission is to discover our collective wisdom by combining social collaboration, dream interpretation, and synthesis using advanced technology capable of processing thousands of contributions from people from diverse cultures, traditions, and faiths.

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