EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System

EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System Launched to Make at-Home Hair Care the Obvious Choice

Newly-launched mirror system allows consumers to save on hair care costs with a one-time fee. Now, with a DYI approach, anyone can touch up their roots or do a new style with less mess and more control.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2017 --Who would have thought that only $64.95 would stand between a well-coiffed consumer and a healthier bottom line? So says the makers of the newly-launched EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System. It's an ultra-light, adjustable mirror stand for home hair care. Saving consumers cash and time sitting in a salon, the product is a portable answer to convenience. How so? The new product is a mirror stand designed to quite literally see behind one's head. A hair tool for the industrious, now the mass market will ante up to put style into their own hands and look good from any angle. Cute hair anyone?

The EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System helps do-it-yourselfers whether they're sitting or standing while shaving, braiding, cutting or coloring their hair. Adjustable and compact to use, the system comes with a custom tote bag for travel or easy set-up and storage. With optimum design in tow, it's small enough to hang on the back of a door. 

Michele Worthington, designer and inventor of the EyesBehindYourHead system said of the launch, "Sure, at a salon there is someone standing behind you that can see what to do. But that isn't the only answer now. Now anyone can find their perfect hair color or style without going to the salon because the EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System offers a view from every angle. Your hands are kept free to get an even, professional job. It's a fun alternative, a win/win your wallet will love."

Sold on their website with free delivery for local San Francisco residents, the mirror system is lauded as the newest solution for "achieving total control for home hair care." One just needs to pull out the stand, adjust to the right height and pop the large mirror into the awaiting mechanism. It adapts to the tiniest of spaces, is lightweight, adjustable, affordable and portable.

For more information visit http://www.eyesbehindyourhead.com

About EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System
The EyesBehindYourHead Mirror System is a patent pending hair-care solution created by San Francisco designer, Michele Worthington. 

Michele Worthington
Designer & Inventor


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