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EZ Merchanting Launches Services to Help Businesses Become EMV Compliant

In October 2015 the new EMV compliant regulation came into force to fight back against credit card fraud. It was recently reported that 60% of businesses in America are still not compliant and not protecting themselves against fraud liability. EZ Merchanting offers services and advice to help businesses on and off-line to become compliant.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2016 --The new EMV compliant regulations brought into force in October 2015 has been hailed for its fight against credit card fraud. However, not every business has taken the step to be fully compliant. According to reports over 60% of businesses in America are not EMV compliant, and that means if any fraud takes place they are not protected and will have to cover the financial loss. EZ Merchanting, a start-up merchant services company is helping businesses in America to safe-guard their profits and become fully EMV compliant while at the same time helping to reduce their credit card processing fees.

The EMV compliant experts are helping businesses to safeguard their business against credit card fraud through their professional services. They can help businesses become EMV compliant by providing the correct credit card machines, point of sale systems, and providing payment mobile solutions.

A spokesman for EZ Merchanting said: "Becoming EMV compliant is not just a requirement, it is also an important way to protect the business against financial loss."

Those businesses that are not EMV compliant will have to suffer financial loss if credit card fraud takes place within their business. That means a business that ignores the new compliant requirements could put their business at risk if they have to keep paying out for a fraud that happens within their business. Criminals are relying on businesses not becoming EMV compliant, which makes them easy targets. A business that has not updated their equipment could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars each time a credit card fraud transaction takes place.

In 2015, it was reported that $190 billion was lost in the United States due to credit card fraud; the majority of that amount was absorbed by banks and credit card companies. Now, that loss will be down to the business that is not EMV compliant.

EZ Merchanting not only provides businesses with the right equipment to become fully EMV compliant, but they also help those businesses to reduce the cost of their credit card processing fees.

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EZ Merchanting is an expert in helping businesses to become EMV compliant as well as reducing their transaction fees.