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Ezaki Dentistry in Whittier, CA Offers Latest Technology to Provide Dental Services for Patients of All Ages

Dr. Ramsey Ezaki of Ezaki Dentistry offers revolutionary dental services for the entire family


Whittier, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2015 --Dr. Ramsey Ezaki is offering the latest technology at Ezaki Dentistry to cater to the needs of Whittier, CA patients of all ages, including those with special needs. Using a number of advanced devices and technology, Dr. Ezaki is able to provide the whole family with comfortable, pain free dental care and ultimately help them achieve their best smiles.

Some of the technology Dr. Ezaki employs at his Whittier, CA dental office includes WaterLase dentistry, Panorex imaging, digital X-rays and intraoral cameras. Each of these services allows Dr. Ezaki to provide better, more efficient care for his family dental patients.

WaterLase is a patented technology that combines high powered laser energy and water spray to essentially replace the need for a dental hand piece, often known by patients as the dental drill. Unlike a traditional hand piece, WaterLase does not create heat from friction of the drill bit, so patients do not experience pain or discomfort while Dr. Ezaki is removing the decayed portions of teeth. This also eliminates the need for anesthetic injections that many patients—both young and old—are often hesitant about.

With Panorex 360-imaging and digital X-rays, Dr. Ramsey is able to better detect signs of oral decay or dental ailments in their earlier stages, which allows him to treat the issues with less invasive procedures. The use of wand-like intraoral cameras not only helps Dr. Ramsey and his staff have a better view of the patient's mouth prior, during, and after a procedure, but it also gives patients the chance to see their own mouth on the screen in real-time so they can feel confident about the procedures that are being completed. With in-office oral cancer screenings, Dr. Ezaki is able to administer what can often be a life-saving, painless exam using ultraviolet light to detect any instances of oral cancer.

For patients who have special needs or who are not mobile enough to visit the Ezaki Dentistry office, Dr. Ezaki and his staff provide mobile dental services with portable dental equipment, reclining wheel chairs, dental instruments, and all other necessary ancillary equipment. This allows patients to get much needed care in an environment that is best for them.

About Dr. Ezaki
Dr. Ramsey Ezaki is a graduate of USC Dental School and longtime resident of Whittier, CA. He has been a member of the dental profession for nearly 40 years and throughout his time in practice, has become known for his contributions to and involvement with the local community. He was recently named one of America's Top Dentists of 2014 by the Consumer's Research Council of America and is also a Fellow in the prestigious Academy of General Dentistry.

For more information about Dr. Ramsey Ezaki and the family dental services he provides for patients in Whittier, CA, please visit www.EzakiDentistry.com.