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Face Booking U: FACE PR Intro Training Certificate Sets PR Industry History Nov. 11th

Tracey Bond, Emergent Beverly Hills/Hollywood Social Business Publicist, VIP Makeup Artist & Author-Publisher of Face Booking U: Face PR is pleased to announce this niche PR Industry offering in a 1/2 day “Intro to Face PR Certificate" and insider-networking set for 2- 5:30pm on November 11th, 2015 At BRIO's Upscale Tuscan Grille in Yorktown Mall, Lombard IL.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2015 --The Face Booking U: Face PR Coursebook + Intro to Face PR Certificate event on November 11th, 2015 will be a interactive industry 1-of-a-kind educational program committed to equipping people with the skill dynamics of face relations for social and public relations intelligence for the social business era we live in today.

Face Booking U 's FACE PR trainees will experience the orientation needed to apply the innovative core knowledge they gain into their daily interactions and build upon this core knowledge toward a complete FACE PR certification.

"If faces are part of your social business world? This Face Booking U: Face PR + Face Publishing introductory 1/2 day course will equip you with pro social business industry skillsets that will help you become more successful in these areas, adding serious FACE VALUE to your industry operations.

The FACE is a PR social netWORTHing™ tool, profiting from its exposure on the job, social networking circles, modeling activity, public appearance, social media posts and so much more. I am convinced that in a social picture profiled world, very face tells its own wordless story...and their reader(s) will interpret it & classify it in seconds without language barrier. there couldn't be a better time in one's social life to have professional face "PR" training as a key asset to one's facial appearance, perception and relational a social picture profiled world...every face tells its own wordless story...the reader will interpret it & classify it in seconds without language barrier.

I am privileged to be able to offer this Intro FACE PR Certificate training finally, and look forward to expanding the availability of this niche-industry core knowledge in an interactive framework + full online training with our November 11th 2015 launch, says the "Face Booking U: FACE PR Certificate Training Founder, Tracey Bond

EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION: REGISTER HERE for Face Booking U: Intro To FACE PR Certificate Training - 2-5:30pm | Nov. 11th, 2015 | BRIO Tuscan Grille (Lombard, IL)

The ½ Day Face Booking U: FACE PR training event will feature invited industry experts as 'face-speak-sharers' and here is what some of them are saying about this upcoming event...

Award-winning Film Producer & Director: Christopher Nolen II says "I am honored and humbled to have an opportunity to participate in this wonderful event."

BIBO (Beauty In/Beauty Out) Award Show Tour Creator & Founder + Author of "The C.H.A.M.P Within" says "Truly looking forward to speaking at this event that will indeed open your eyes about effective PR. We ALL need effective public relations in EVERY aspect of our lives.....not just for "celebrities" anymore. :-) Thanks Tracey Bond for putting this event together! Awesome.

Amazon Bestselling Author and Relationship Communication Trainer & Head Passionator in Charge of "Get Back to Passion Institute": Eden Adele says: "It is refreshing to be able to explore and explain the importance of the face. In an increasingly technological world, where the face is simultaneously idolized and ignored - it is a pleasure to share a forum about the significance of the face itself and some of the many things it represents to and for us all. I'm honored to be a part of this inaugural effort that will surely support the 'rehumanization' of communication - both personally and professionally."

Gail Brown, CO-Founder & Mentor of Engaging Speakers Networking Organization says "I think communication is the most powerful thing you've got - you need to teach it - and it needs to be targeted from early on to really give people what they need to build relationships - that's how success comes."

The Current Lineup of Chicago's Celebrity FACE-SPEAK-SHARER experts at FACE BOOKING U's FacePR Certificate Training are confirmed as follows:

> Tracey Bond, "FACE BOOKING U's" Textbook Author & VIP Face Publisher (as seen on Award-winning Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmetologist/Esthetician (Certified Social Media Management Professional & Hootsuite Solutions Partner) & Top 10 VIP International News & Photojournalist (#BondGirl007eNewsRoom) - United States Press Agency

> Traci S. Campbell, Creator & Founder of BIBO AWARDS and "The C. H. A.M.P. Within" Author & NFP Org. Founder as seen on multiple Radio & Television Appearances

> Delece Williams, VIP Actress, Model & CEO and Television Producer of & V.President of Farley Jackmaster Funk Williams' House Music Foundation

> Christopher Nolen II, Best Director Awardee & Film Producer. Nolen is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

> Phillip Ferenzi, Corporate Accountant Executive & active super-networker online to offline

> Sriram Paranathy, VIP Model-Actor One of Chicago's hautest males in the acting & modeling industry

> Eden Adele, Relationship Coach, Expert & Author of "Satisfillment" as seen on

> Paige Gillian, Chicagoland Actress, Model, Singer, Entertainer

> Comedienne Tara Terry, Award-winning humorist as seen on BET Comic View, Jokes and Notes (Chicago) et als.

This Face Booking U FACE PR credential awarding event will equip trainees with relevant education for the era of social business in at least seven key concept areas. This training will result in raising more face-conscious awareness of how decisions are being made day in and out in personal to professional ways i.e: online to offline dating, social interaction and perception judgments of all kinds. In 2015 1 out of 2 people using mobile devices as a primary communication tool as a lifestyle: for consumer purchasing decisions and job interviewing or business-to-business connection dynamics to a diversified social connectivity relations.

Trainees will also walk away with an official introductory FACE BOOKING U course textbook, receive a professional face personality assessment, a licensed esthetician skincare consultation, an on-location corporate headshot for a social media network profile (LinkedIn suggested); Multiple discounts for additional makeup artistry, face profile image consultation, VIP social publicist/public relations services, social event photography and network industry related event-centric discount offers.

Seasoned Model Figure & PhD in Natural Medicine & Holistic Health candidate says: "I'm feeling called to attend the Face Booking U ™ event (commuting from Madison, WI). After meeting Tracey…I was impressed by her overall insight, presence & pioneering attitude. I have no doubt that she has much important information to share. Thank you Tracey for the positive energy you bring to this world. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!"

The "FACE BOOKING U: Face PR" curricula is designed to enhance and/or improve trainee connection skills they will need in the social era with this credentialed validation.

For registration, curricula details, and certificate registration offerings + bonus incentives for post-certificate follow-up and publicity support, please visit

Face Booking U equips the individual to recognize, reprogram, reinvent and represent their informed perception of face relations as they relate to every crossing platform of human life in personal, professional and public and/or social relations dynamics today.

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Face Booking U brand has an active online web presence with a wide range of followers for connecting online to offline with textbook owners, seminar students, as a LinkedIN company, C-suite level & marketing/social business networkers, prospective VIP face-publishing clients, VIP makeup artistry prospects, #FaceBookingU models, photographers, publicists and more.

The Face Booking U Introductory Edition textbook published in the wake of social media visual centric culture from Bond's progressively avant-garde research that began in 2010. On the VIP fast-track from Chicagowood to Hollywood, Il, to innovate, influence and impart new values that facial fame, frame and fortune can bring to the face of public and social relations in full scope.

Tracey Bond, Publicist for Face Booking U + at [Beneficience Prolific Personage Public Relations of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, London UK - BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, London UK] and a proud member of The Public Relations Society of America, Inc., Chicago & Suburban Chapter Communities, Independent Practitioners Alliance, Educators Academy, Entertainment & Sports Committees.

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