Facebook Fan Corrie Powell Inspires Name for Duncraft's New Bird Feeder


Concord, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2015 --Duncraft recently asked their Facebook fans to help name their new bird feeder and fan Corrie Powell inspired the winning name, Duncraft Double Delight Feeding Station, chosen on August 20, 2015.

Platform bird feeders are well-known for being versatile because you can put them anywhere, even outside your big picture window so you can watch the birds while you relax in your favorite chair. While platform feeders are a favorite feeder, they're popular for another reason. The wide platform lets you serve any type of bird food, from bird seed to suet pellets, mealworms, corn, seed blocks and more. In a platform feeder, pretty much anything goes--and the birds know it!

"We've found placing suet near fresh bird seed invites a greater number of birds to a single location, which creates a better bird watching experience," said Shelby Dunn-Kimball, our marketing officer.

The Double Delight Feeding Station is made from two parts: a clear plastic feeding platform and a 5-piece sectional pole. The feeding station holds two suet cakes and several pounds of seed with no limit to the amount of perching room for the birds.

When asked "What's unique?" about the Duncraft Double Delight Feeding Station, owner Mike Dunn said, "It's an all-in-one feeder with good visual attraction qualities, so the birds can see it from above and enter from any side. The seed and suet is a winning combination."

"It's one of my favorite feeders," he continued. "I have it at home and the birds love it. It's easy to service and see all the activity from above, too."

Duncraft's Double Delight Feeding Station is an all-in-one feeding resource for birds all year round, especially during the winter months.

About Duncraft
In 1952, Duncraft, based in Concord, NH, became a leader in the backyard bird feeding industry with their original Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative design at the time, bringing birds close-up while enjoying bird seed, peanut butter and water right outside your window. Today, Duncraft manufactures more than 600 original bird feeders and houses, designed for intermediate to advanced bird lovers. A national provider of backyard bird feeding supplies, Duncraft connects you with the products you need to succeed in your bird feeding adventures.

Customers interested in purchasing bird houses and other bird feeding supplies can visit Duncraft's website located at http://www.duncraft.com.

SOURCE Duncraft | Wild Bird Superstore