Facebook Helps Pablove Raise Thousands

New Online Pledge Drive Expands Facebook Usefullness


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2009 -- Getting the word out for a cause is difficult, and raising money for charities can be a tricky affair.

Jeff Castelaz, founder of Pablove, a Charity dedicated to raising awareness of a rare form of childhood cancer, was looking for ways to raise money through friends and family on the internet.

What if you could use Facebook to make it happen?

That’s when he came across, who helped Pablove organize an online pledge drive directly through their Facebook account. is the only free online fundraising service for charities and schools in the United States, and the Facebook option lets a Charity connect directly to friends and members efficiently.

Castelaz is very satisfied, since GiftBerry, a non-profit organization, is easy to use and doesn't charge thousands like other companies.

A pledge drive or auction can be organized in minutes, with charities giving access to members via Facebook, or through a connection on their own website. is a non-profit organization supplying free fundraising, administration and transaction software to Charities and Schools, nationwide. GiftBerry is supported through individual and corporate donations.

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