Faint Hubble Blob Galaxies Named and Explained


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2012 --Faint Hubble Galaxies as named by astronomer Tom Zolotor are galaxies that are too far for the Hubble Telescope to take a perfect and non blurry image. The reason they should be put into a new class of Galaxies is because you can't really tell if it is spiral, round, etc., because the Galaxy is too far for the Hubble telescope to perfectly see.

Also, another discussion to point out is that according to the multiverse theory and how far FHB Galaxies are, this galaxy can have up to an eighth dimension and may still biologically have creatures that are sustainable of life in those conditions.

Also, If FHB galaxies have the say gravitational pulls as the Milky Way Galaxy then there could be human life living it. If so, the discovery of FHB Galaxies can be one of the biggest discoveries in history.

Another main factor is that if FHB galaxies have extremely light subatomic particles than those particles may have the power to go faster than the speed of light.

If FHB galaxies will be considered a new class of Galaxies then it would be the biggest class of galaxies there possibly is because their is probably an infinite amount of galaxies that the Hubble telescope can’t see well or isn't able to see.

The Faint Hubble Blob Galaxy class.

Astronomer and artist Thomas Zolotor just discovered a rock formation on Mars that looks like a duck swimming in water. Thomas Zolotor has given a class of galaxies the term FHB which stands for Faint Hubble Blob. This class of galaxies are from the Hubble telescope using the CANDELS survey. The FHB galaxies class are very faint and looks like blobs. They are from the farthest distance of the universe yet. This enables CANDELS to detect and measure objects much farther out in space and nearer to the Big Bang than before. The present day Galaxy Zoo combines new imaging from Sloan, giving us our best ever view of the local Universe, with the most distant images yet from Hubble’s CANDELS survey. “The CANDELS survey makes use of the new Wide Field Camera 3 – installed during the final shuttle mission to Hubble – to take ultra-deep images of the Universe, so who knows what’s out there to be found? “The CANDELS survey from the Hubble telescope allows us to look deeper into the universe’s past than ever before,” said Kevin Schawinski, astronomer and Galaxy Zoo team member from ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Artist and astronomer Thomas Zolotor holds a World Record for sending the most digital artworks into space. Furthermore, he has been recognized for drawing celebrities for television programs. Thomas draw celebrities for a TV show that airs in L. A. and they autograph his artwork on air. He has done this since 2008.

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