Fairfax DUI Attorney Faraji Rosenthall Encourages Drivers to Use Caution During the Fall Months

Fairfax DUI lawyer Faraji Rosenthall cautions drivers to use extra caution during the upcoming autumn months, when parties become more common with fall sports and holidays.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2014 --As the autumn months move into full swing, fall sports fans and partiers should be especially cautious on the roads, according to Fairfax DUI lawyer, Faraji A. Rosenthall. After many years in practice, he notes that authorities are particularly keen on catching drunk drivers during this time of year. There’s a tendency to drive under the influence during fall sports, along with special occasions and holidays, and police have taken note.

Attorney Rosenthall urges community members to take drunk driving seriously and be wary of police interaction after the following events: Fall festivals; fall sports events, such as football games and parties; Oktoberfest parties; Halloween parties; Post-Thanksgiving dinner and Thanksgiving eve.

Mr. Rosenthall offers advice to help the community enjoy events and celebrations, all while remaining safe on the road. He reminds that it’s preferable to avoid driving under the influence than to be pulled over for DUI, or worse, cause an accident.

Calling a taxi after a party is a simple solution for avoiding DUIs during the fall season. Although there is a cost associated with this option, it’s far less expensive than the ensuing fines or legal fees that come with receiving a DUI, says Attorney Faraji A. Rosenthall.

“Also, consider assigning a designated driver,” says Rosenthall. With the plethora of parties and events likely lined up for fall, a rotating designated driver schedule will keep everyone safe and happy.

Lastly, Fairfax DUI lawyer Rosenthall reminds community members that they should wait until the alcohol is out of their system before taking to the road. He suggests closely monitoring the amount of alcohol consumed and knowing your weight and projected point of intoxication. Consider eating while drinking to slow the absorption process, or plan to stay overnight where drinking will occur.

“Safety of the community is always of first concern to most,” says Rosenthall, “but judgment can become clouded when there are fall festivities involved. Making plans ahead of time helps these events and parties to be much more enjoyable.”

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