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Falcon Jets for Sale Are Ideal for Private Aircraft Buyers Looking for Quality


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2020 --Falcon 50 jets provide private aircraft buyers with quality private aircraft features including economy, luxury, and sustainability.

Dassault Aviation is a small French aircraft manufacturing company that produces a vast range of quality private aircraft options for military and business jets. Since 1929, Dassault has been producing aircraft options that are ideal for various uses and have become a popular option for private buyers looking for style, quality, and class.

The 1993 Dassault Falcon jet for sale is no exception. The Falcon 50 line which was first used in the late 1970s has proven itself to be an impressive aircraft. In production until late 2008, these Falcon jets are still sought after by private aircraft buyers looking for economy, luxury, and sustainability.

The 1993 Dassault Falcon 50 provides its owner with unmatched economy. Equipped with special features that reduce maintenance and fuel consumption, flyers can enjoy fuel consumption that is approximately 7% less than other aircraft models of the same size.

Falcon jets for sale are a great option for the private aircraft buyer looking for luxury. With Falcon 50 models that have space for 9 passengers, these private aircraft are great for travel and business use. Features like leather seating and luxurious lavatories make the Falcon a great choice for the buyer searching for class.

In terms of sustainability it doesn't get much better than the Falcon 50 series. Falcons have unique wing structures and even come in triple engine options for sustainable and economical travel.

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