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Fall Means It Is Time for Fall Landscaping

Fall is a popular season for selling a home. However, since there exists real competition in the real estate marketplace, interested individuals should make sure that their landscaping is suitable for the season.


Falls Church, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --The cool, comfortable temperatures of fall are hospitable for real estate consumers; it's a season that does not have the distractions of summertime fun, vacations, etc. The changing colors of the leaves can create a scene that is just as picturesque as the earliest blossoms of spring, creating a short period of time when home sellers can maximize curb appeal. In fact, since the competition for residential real estate will resume, home sellers should make every effort to obtain a critical edge over their competitors.

Part of landscaping for curb appeal in fall consists of standard care and maintenance. Home sellers should rake their lawns whenever fallen leaves start piling up, so that their properties can maintain a neat and well-kept look. Furthermore, home sellers should make doubly sure to perform their usual preparations for winter, whether that means cutting back perennials or cleaning out their gutters. Discerning buyers believe that a well-cared-for home is also a desirable home.

That said, home sellers should know that there are other landscaping solutions that can be used to maximize their curb appeal in fall. These range from the simple and straightforward to the complicated and time-consuming. For example, if their flowers have faded because their blooming season is over, they should consider planting mums and other eye-catching flowers that have blooming seasons in the fall. Other options include repainting their front doors in fall colors (such reds and yellows), hanging up a seasonal wreath incorporating fall elements such as acorns and leaves, and setting up lights in strategic locations for subtle highlighting. While implementing these solutions can take a fair amount of time, effort, and money, home sellers should remember that prudent investments in the home can often correlate to both a dollar-for-dollar (or more) return in the sales price, as well as fewer days on market.

There are additional measures that can be used to sell a home in fall. To learn more, home sellers should seek out a skilled and experienced real estate agent such as John Seggerman, who can provide invaluable assistance in preparing a home for sale.

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