Family Man Keyvon Smith Calls for Help on GoFundMe


Pickerington, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2016 --Nineteen-year-old Keyvon Smith has selected leading crowdfunding platform GoFundMe as the pulpit for his project to raise funds for his family.

Keyvon's plan is to buy a car so he will be in a position to drive his disabled father to and from hospital and doctor's appointments and his mother and siblings to their various destinations.

"I had money to buy a car so I did and it was a huge help," said Keyvon who has had to take on the role of driving his family. "This was because my father, who is retired, had knee surgery recently. His knees bother him a lot so he can't drive me, my mother and my siblings around anymore."

After his previous car had broken down, Keyvon took on the job of raising funds to buy a new car in order to undertake the transport needs of his parents and siblings. However, a recent family financial crisis, exacerbated by a dispute with his bank, has left him without access to funds and an inability to repay outstanding debts.

"Now I don't have access to money and have fallen behind on my car loan repayments. I really need help from my community to get back on track to help my family," he said.

Keyvon added he found no luck after being turned down at a number of personal loan centers due to his inexperience and young age. As such, he is calling on crowdfunding as a last resort. Keyvon is now asking for help from his friends and the crowdsourcing community to help him out of his predicament and has chosen GoFundMe as the platform to do so.

Keyvon Smith wishes to thank in advance all those who donate to his project.

More information on Keyvon's GoFundMe campaign (including how to donate to the project) can be found at this address (

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