Fan-Owned eBroadcast TV Premiers "Your Beer Show" in 4D


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2018 --A fan-owned television network is the wave of the future - where 4D makes the experience more personal, real, and interactive. eBTV's "Your Beer Show" is the first of 20 planned channels that allow remote fans to come on the show and interact - live and face-to-face - with hosts and guests. There's that fourth dimension – YOU, using video software technology hidden behind a browser and webcam that almost all fans have now.

What sets eBroadcast TV (eBTV) apart from other television networks is that programming will be live, unscripted and interactive. This means that fans can help shape each show, even as it's in progress. Throughout the show, live and virtual audience members will have the chance to provide their input to help guide the direction of the show, giving viewers a unique chance to influence the show, and deliver the information and entertainment they desire.

"Your Beer Show" is aimed at millennials who are interested in learning more about craft beer. Currently, millennials make up the bulk of the craft beer-drinking market, so this is a great place to attract that target audience.

To help launch the network, the creators of eBroadcast TV have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder to raise the necessary funding. The funds will go towards a variety of operation and production expenses, including studio equipment, software development, working capital, production of "Your Beer Show," and production for additional programming going forward.

Investors can buy a piece of the company for just $100 (shares versus just rewards). The initial funding run will have a valuation cap of $1.82 million for investors who contribute up to the first $500,000. Once that threshold has been reached, the valuation cap will go up to $3.65 million for future investors. This investment is a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE).

Although the minimum investment is just $100, those who invest more will be eligible for a variety of perks. For $500 or more, investors will get access to a priority screening of a live show. At the $1,000 investment level, campaign backers will have pre- or post-show backstage access for special events put on by the network. For investments of $10,000 or more, campaign backers will be invited to attend the San Diego Live Show Event and Insider's Brewery Tour, though they'll be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.