Fashion Brand Dots Dash Announce Finest Quality Leather Shoes for Women on Kickstarter


Alicante, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2016 --Fashion brand Dots Dash have launched a unique range of 10 designs of footwear made from the finest leather in Europe and offering the highest standard of comfort for busy women who crave style as well as luxury. The Dots Dash collection is the result of a program called Talent Push Me, which was launched to curate the best designs for women and find and promote emerging designers. The eclectic range of 10 designs is now available on Kickstarter.

During the Dots Dash Talent Push Me program, designers from all over the world responded to the question: "what's your idea of the perfect shoe, for her?" Ten of the most promising emerging applicants were chosen from a huge number of applicants. The team at Dots Dash have traveled across Spain, Milan, and Paris in search of the best materials and components to make the winning designs, which have been manufactured in Spain.

"The brief was to find the perfect shoe for a woman on the go, rushing through the streets of Paris, Madrid, or London, be it a business woman or a student. The designs are for a woman who knows what she wants; a flat, comfortable, modern, and sophisticated shoe to match her fast-paced lifestyle," explained the program's founder.

Each Talent and Dots Dash member is an expert in their field. They include graduates of top-ranking schools like London College of Fashion and Polimoda, and talented, creative individuals who have worked for world-famous fashion brands including Hugo Boss, DKNY and Tory Burch.

Dots Dash have taken extra care and paid particular attention to the special details of each shoe to achieve the 10 exclusive designs on Kickstarter. Each design stands out for its sleek design, subtle accents, and high-quality leather. Custom soles and embossed materials mark the difference between run-of-the-mill shoes and footwear that exhibits true style.

The range is extremely varied. "Serendipity" has a sole made from goodyear welting; "Courbe" is made from a unique mix of two of the highest quality leathers from Italy and Spain. "Courbe" incorporates cow's leather, a goat's leather lining and insole, and strong Italian rubber leather, which is a recent innovation in fashion.

Each design has been through many stages of prototyping to produce footwear of the highest quality and comfort and the Dots Dash collection is sure to appeal to lovers of premium quality shoes.

Dots Dash plans to expand the Talent Push Me program to find more emerging Talents and enable them to showcase their capabilities.

About Dots Dash
Dots Dash is an exciting footwear brand for contemporary women. It is an online concept store and a platform where visitors can discover emerging designers and read the stories behind their inspiration. Featuring collections of unique fashion items, Dots Dash shapes the looks of tomorrow, today.