Fast Website Page Speed with WordPress Plugin

Online businesses can now make their website pages load up faster with the help of HostRider ultra-fast WordPress plugin.


Cape Coral, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2018 --E-commerce websites that are buggy and take a lot of time to load pages can negatively impact the sales of the products/services it intends to sell. This can lead to the need to overhaul all the pages of the website, which can be very time consuming as well as expensive. However, websites need not go through that trouble anymore if they install HostRider's WordPress Plugin.

HostRider presents its superfast WordPress plugin, which can be installed by all kinds of e-commerce websites without much hassle. This plugin can tremendously boost the loading speed of pages so that customers who browse through the website concerned witness a smooth, lag-free experience.

Besides increasing the load up speed of pages, HostRider's WordPress plugin can also help quash bugs that commonly plague e-commerce websites and hinder pages from being loaded correctly. Not only that, this plugin can also help remove dead links and enhance the overall smoothness and ease of use of the respective websites.

The WordPress plugin offered by HostRider also offers the option to customize the loading animations and transitions of the website, giving the admin complete control over how the website runs.

Moreover, this WordPress plugin also offers the option to add in pricing tables to the pages of the website in order to give a clear about the pricing of the different services of the website. From the font to the color – everything about the tables is also customizable and very easy to use.

The WordPress plugin offered by HostRider can be downloaded right now by e-commerce websites that are looking to increase the loading speed of the pages of their websites by twice as much! HostRider also offers multiple other useful services that can further benefit e-commerce such as web hosting, digital marketing, web designing, SEO marketing and many more other such services.

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