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FastSensor to Help Chevrolet Tracking Visitors' Interaction at Sao Paulo International Motor Show

Visitors’ real-time tracking & analytics by FastSensor enabling Chevrolet to track how visitors to the 56th Annual Sao Paulo Auto Show interact with the automaker’s display.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2016 --FastSensor was pleased to announce last week that it has been chosen by General Motors Corporation's Chevrolet Division to assist the automaker at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show November 10th through the 20th. FastSensor's innovative software will be used by Chevrolet to help track how visitors to the show interact with the automaker's display. This year, FastSensor has been working with multiple dealerships in the Brazil automotive market and now, their software will be used to help Chevrolet understand what parts of their display at the Sao Paulo show hold the most appeal to show guests.

FastSensor's CEO Daniel Bichara spoke of the software and the value that it brings to Chevrolet's display, "At FastSensor, we have developed a software suite that allows any retailer the ability to track how potential customers move through displays – from the showroom to a small shop – and Chevrolet can use that information to understand what styles, colors, and vehicles are most popular with consumers. It is a non-intrusive way to help gauge interest in anything from workflow to product offerings."

Bichara continued, "Since so many consumers today use smart devices, we can provide nearly instant feedback to our clients about how their customers are interacting in their retail environment. We're offering them a true win-win."

Because FastSensor will be able to geo-locate visitors to the Auto Show, Chevrolet will be able to send specific messages while those participants are near the display. At the same time, Chevrolet will be able to manage their display based on actual traffic flow figures provided by FastSensor.

"The retailers that use FastSensor ultimately are looking for data, and they are able to use this data to see what items and displays are being sought out by their customers. Chevrolet is prominent in that the display they have at the 56th Annual Sao Paulo Auto Show is a very large one, thus the need to understand if there are specific metrics that guests of the show respond favorably to. We'll be able to provide actionable data to Chevrolet to make sure that all guests to their display have a wonderful experience."

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