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Easthampton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2018 --In today's times, the diet should form an extremely important part of people's lives. This is because, with their busy schedules, people are becoming increasingly reliant on fast-food joints for their meals. Not only do such grease-laden burgers, fries, and sandwiches cause weight gain (quite palpable through the increasing levels of obesity globally), but their frequent consumption can also lead to problems with the digestive system.

Given the situation, people are looking for healthier yet time-saving recipes that fit into their schedule. Broths and soups are one such alternative that can reduce effort while delivering unparalleled health benefits. Research has proven that the right recipes for broths and soups can help keep the skin healthy and also re-energize the body, something that is warranted with today's fast lifestyle. At the same time, these recipes also help with the restoration of digestive health. There, however, needs to be a place where people can learn new recipes, learn interesting tips, and access resources; all under the same umbrella. Fearlesseating.net is that place.

Fearlesseating.net is a repertoire of all anyone would want to know about broths and soups. The website is owned and managed by Craig Fear, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a total broth/soup fanatic. The website has three important offerings. The first is tips and tricks for completely eliminating acid reflux with broths and soups. The second offering is a wide variety of affordable, simple, and healthy broth and soup recipes along with time-saving tips and must-have resources. Thirdly, users can subscribe to the weekly newsletter that contains interesting recipes, videos, health tips, and more.

We talked to Craig Fear about the blog, and he jokingly said "My last name is Fear, and quite aptly I decided to call my blog Fearless Eating." He continued "I first fell in love with Soups and Broths after my trip to Thailand and Burma. There has been no looking back since. I believe that people are not properly educated about the health benefits of soups and broths. These recipes can protect your joints, boost detoxification, promote metabolism, maintain skin health, and even restore your digestive health. I consider broths to be super food, and everyone should know about them. That is the objective of putting together all these recipes. My goal is to help people live a healthy and happy life."

Craig Fear has done a lot more, all of which can be explored on his website (fearlesseating.net). There are numerous blog posts about soup and broth recipes from around the world that are available online. Along with that, Craig is the author of 3 cookbooks (The Thai Soup Secret, Fearless Broths and Soups, and 30-day Heartburn Solution). They can all be accessed and purchased through his website. Additionally, people can join Craig's Thursday Night Soup Club, which is a weekly newsletter covering soup recipes from around the world, how-to videos, digestive health tips, and more.

About Fearless Eating
Fearless Eating is an online platform geared towards sharing recipes, tips, and must-have resources for broths and soups. This is an initiative by Craig Fear, who is a broth and soup enthusiast himself. From his love for soups and broths, and his travel experiences; he has come up with life-changing tips and recipes. The platform carries regular blog posts about the topic. Along with that, users can download 2 free e-books called 'How to Stop Your Reflux with Real Broths and Soups' and 'The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Making Bone Broth.' Users can also register for the platform's weekly newsletter and purchase 3 of Craig's very popular books.

People can connect and engage with Craig Fear through his Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. He is also accessible at 413-559-7770.