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Feature Film Flea, Starring Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch), Is Released in North America


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2018 --Global Genesis Group (GGG) is proud to announce that their family-adventure feature film FLEA, directed by Suza Lambert Bowser, and starring Barry Williams (Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch) is available on various VOD digital platforms including ITunes, Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

FLEA is a beautiful family adventure film about a mysteriously mute, young boy named Flea who runs away from an abusive home to join a tribe led by a Shaman. Marsh Man (Barry Williams) and Poet (Josef Cannon) introduce Flea to this refuge of lost children. Flea must discover his inner powers as he fights the evil Scavenger (Brian O'Halloran) for control of the refuge.

Barry Williams stated, "Not too long ago, I flew into Humboldt County for a week of late spring shooting for the movie, FLEA, and discovered a dedicated group of filmmakers in one of the most beautiful settings I'd ever encountered. The lush green countryside, brilliant days, elegant Redwoods, and a wild Pacific coastline established the context for my "good guy" character, "Marsh Man." Suza Lambert Bowser, the writer/director (who also played "Raven"), was efficient and tireless on set.

My character, "Marsh Man," is an ex-social worker, who takes care of the lost children, gets them the medicine they need, and fights to protect them in the mysterious world of Shadeland, where my tribe, the Shadow Clan, lives peacefully among the trees.

Because of my own background as a child actor, I found myself empathizing with Westleigh Stenborg-Davies, the young boy who played the lead character, "Flea." Westleigh was a fast learner, and as "Marsh Man," I found that my role as a father-figure sort of guardian was natural for both of us. One of my favorite moments—besides the fight scenes with the villain, "Badger," (Bruce Cole)—was canoeing with Westleigh in a pastoral Humboldt setting on a pond nestled within a lush forest.

I also enjoyed working with Josef Cannon (Jean Claude Van Damme's, The Eagle Path), who played "Poet," the clan's historian, and Brian O'Halloran (Clerks), who played the slimy turncoat, "Scavenger."

To say that I enjoyed my experience filming FLEA is an understatement; the crew was committed and enthusiastic, and—through post-production—it's become a lovely gem of a movie. I'm looking forward to getting the movie out to a worldwide audience."

FLEA is currently available on the digital platforms; ITunes, Google Play, the Microsoft Store. Global Genesis Group is Executive Producing and is the Worldwide Distributor.

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