FeedsCorner.com Makes the Blogging World a Bit Smaller with Constant News Feeds for Members

Enabling bloggers to write to their heart’s content and get their musings to the masses FeedsCorner.com brings constant news to members.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 --It’s true that blogging is an exceptional way to get the word out about one’s views, expertise, and offerings. However, what’s a bit more difficult is getting that prized information into the hands of the readers that will make the most use of it. Until now, the blogging world has been a bit of a maze as it’s often inconvenient to check up on a multitude of followed blogs. Enter, FeedsCorner.com. FeedsCorner is an aggregate site that compiles blogs and RSS articles into one easily accessible spot. A spot that is conveniently updated in real time throughout the day. Thankfully both bloggers and their readers need click no further.

Useful for bloggers and big news media websites like Forbes and NYTimes that use RSS to stream articles, FeedsCorner.com is a one-stop-shop for information. Renaud Dalbera, Founder of FeedsCorner said of the information hub, “Our site is a time saver. We can’t think of anyone who has the time to manage all the blogs and websites they enjoy. It’s incredibly limiting for writers as well because too often they don’t get the chance to interact with their readership. With FeedsCorner they can do just that with transparent communication in a safe environment. It’s a win/win for everyone concerned.”

Giving bloggers the ability to know their readers in a more integral way will offer them added freedom to write more targeted information. Better content equals bigger audiences. While readers can share their opinions they can also use the site’s search tool to sort through numerous options and find resources they’re most interested in. Described as social networking for blogging FeedsCorner.com acts as an information source much like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Readers need only to follow a blogger and instantly their articles will be placed in their news feed. Similarly, writers need only set up an account and every time they write a new blog post it’s immediately put into the FeedsCorner.com news cycle.

About FeedsCorner
FeedsCorner is an aggregate website that allows bloggers to make a broader connection to their readership. The site was developed by Renaud Dalbera to assure that resourceful information is kept in one easily navigated place for easy readability and open communication between the writers and their readers.

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Renaud Dalbera