ePuffer Inc.

Feel Free as a Bird with the New Colibri Electronic Cigarette from ePuffer

ePuffer inc. has enjoyed enormous success for their range of electronic cigarettes, ecigars and epipes as they have brought to market an innovative product that is popular with those who like the freedom of smoking.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2013 --The original Colibri e-cigarette is already a bestseller with many accolades and awards, yet despite its popularity, ePuffer have enhanced this model to make it better still.

They’ve expanded on the models namesake, Colibri, also known as the Humming Bird, as this is the most delicate, light and beautiful bird on earth, so ePuffer have encapsulated its features for their new improved design. Now lighter, smaller and more convenient the Colibri offers a luxury alternative to normal cigarettes. The patented cartomizer dispenses nicotine levels bespoke to the user’s desire in a range of flavors without the smoke. This makes it ideal for smoking indoors or in public areas, as a vapor is released without any of the tar or toxins of a usual cigarette.

The nicotine is available in decreasing strengths so users can choose the alternative they prefer, The Colibri electronic cigarette also comes with a Variety of Tobacco blends such as:

Premium Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol, Belgo Smooth, Mirabella, Nano Lux and 5X5 Special Blend

and six that add a refreshing change with flavors of:

Crisp Green Apple, Deep Sweet Cheery, Summer Strawberry, Refreshing Menthol, Intense Coffe and Creamy Chocolate.

Now for a limited time only customers can benefit from either of these Variety Packs with nicotine strengths of their choice Absolutely FREE when they purchase the new Colibri Nano. The upgraded Colibri Nano electronic cigarette benefits from all of these popular features while improving on others that ePuffer believed needed a little enhancement.

For example, ePuffer have now

- Made it quicker to charge with the addition of rapid charge technology
- Redesigned the entire ecigarette battery to incorporate TurboFlow III technology which gives a smoother smoking experience with more vapor, silently.

Along with the personal charging case, the sleek and stylish design that was popular at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, customers can now enjoy this upgrade as this new model is distributed world-wide.

Shawn, the founder of ePuffer explains why an upgrade has been launched, “Since the launch of the original Colibri in 2011 we’ve had an amazing journey. We’ve been overwhelmed by how popular our ePuffer products have been and continue to be. Despite the awards and the incredible sales here at ePuffer we always strive for excellence and we saw improvements that could be made. These improvements enhance the overall design and offer an even better ePuffer experience so using Colibri Nano as an alternative to cigarettes is now the obvious choice.”

Now anyone can smoke virtually anywhere regardless of the smoking bans with Colibri Nano.