Fenway Capital Partners LLC Launches Crowdfunder Campaign for Boston Real Estate Investments


Hingham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 --Real estate investment company Fenway Capital Partners LLC is seeking investments on the crowdsourcing platform, Crowdfunder. Since its launch in November 2015, the fund has already met its $10 million investment goal. The fund will continue to raise money until the end of 2016. Investors can lock in their place with the company with an initial minimum investment of $100,000.

While the company began with a focus on the Boston real estate market, they also manage properties throughout the United States. The company estimates that investors can expect a 10 to 17 percent annual return on their initial investments. To achieve this steady growth, the company invests in real estate properties, which are known to be some of the more stable and reliable investments available.

Fenway Capital Partners LLC purchases older residential and commercial properties and renovates or repurposes them to increase their value and deliver returns to investors. The company incorporates environmentally friendly aspects into their designs to add value to the properties and increase their sustainability going into the future. This private equity fund incorporates several different strategies in its investments, ranging from low-risk core investments that provide stability to the fund to high-risk opportunistic investments that carry more risk but can deliver much higher returns. In the middle are the core plus and value added investments that provide moderate risk and moderate returns on investments.

Given the high cost of the initial investment and the level of risk involved, Fenway Capital Partners LLC recommends this fund to individuals or investment companies that can afford to have their money tied up for long periods of time, sometimes for several years, before seeing a return on their investments. Also, because some of the investments made by Fenway Capital Partners carry high levels of risk, it is important that investors understand that there is always a possibility that they will lose their money. However, the more stable core investments are chosen to help mitigate this risk and provide more stability throughout market fluctuations.

Interested investors can request more information about this Series A investment and view Fenway Capital's financial documents on the fund's Crowdfunder page. Once investors have been verified, they can make their contributions to the fund.