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Fergus Cleaver of Cleaver Richards: Accounting Services Can Help Small Businesses Avoid Big Taxes

One of the worst fates to befall a small business is an unexpected tax burden—which is why experts like Fergus Cleaver are advising small business owners to enlist the help of personal tax services.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2012 --There are many obstacles that can prevent a small business from growing or from reaching its full potential, but few are as daunting—or as difficult—as unexpected tax burdens. Whether a small business finds itself facing a painful and inconvenient audit, or is simply paying more than it needs to, tax-related issues can truly prove detrimental to an up-and-coming company. For this reason, more and more tax experts are recommending that small business owners not try to do their taxes completely alone, but rather that they enlist a professional tax service. Fergus Cleaver, one of New Zealand’s leading small business accountants, has issued a new press statement, explaining why companies should seek help from a professional tax preparer or accountant.

Cleaver’s press statement comes as a response to the Sydney Morning Herald’s column on small business taxes, which notes that, while tax preparation can prove daunting to anyone, taxes are especially complicated for small businesses. As such, the article says, small business owners tend to have “a tough time understanding tax law” when they try to do it on their own.

The article also notes that, while some tax services offer free initial consultations, which might set a small business owner down the right path, this preliminary advisement is typically not enough. “You get what you pay for,” the article says.

Fergus Cleaver, in his new press statement, agrees. “Poor tax planning can leave small businesses with huge, unexpected tax burdens,” says the small business accountant. “All too often an overdrawn current account is ignored until such time where tax must be paid on it.”

The accountant is convinced that a professional accounting service can help business owners avoid these unwanted consequences. “Come and see someone in our office to make sure you don't go down the wrong path,” Cleaver admonishes.

Fergus Cleaver also notes that tax advisement is not just necessary during tax season, but even during the routine financial planning stages of small business development. “When structuring your business, it is important to consider your end goal,” says Fergus Cleaver. “That is, to take a holistic view of how you envision your business to be in five to ten years time. You need to get the architecture right from the outset to ensure a robust tax efficient structure is in place from the very beginning, which allows the organization to grow.”

Cleaver is an accountant based in Auckland, New Zealand, focusing his services on the needs of small business owners. He currently acts as Senior Accountant for the Cleaver Richards firm.

About Fergus Cleaver
Fergus Cleaver is an accountant based in Auckland, New Zealand. Known for his service to both business and individual clients, he serves as the Senior Accountant at Cleaver Richards. At this firm, Fergus Cleaver assists in providing business and personal services, as well as tax guidance. An established professional within the financial industry, Fergus Cleaver understands the importance of personalized service and the fact that every client has unique financial goals and needs.