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Ferrari and Maserati Are No Stranger to Innovation and Excellence Using VeriShow Technology


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2016 --Ferrari and Maserati are no stranger to innovation and excellence. From the iconic designs, un-rivaled performance and of course the unrivaled cache of excellence innately woven into their DNA; it's no surprise that delivering an unparalleled customer experience remains as one of the highest priority to both of the legendary Italian carmakers.

However, getting to the top and remaining there are two entirely different things. Believe it or not, maintaining the standing as the pinnacle of automotive excellence requires more than just drop-dead sexy lines, legendary exhaust growls and devastatingly intoxicating performance. While these things certainly help, it's the next-level customer experience that these brands deliver that truly separate them from the pack.

No one understands this concept better than the Experience Auto Group.

Founded in 2003, the group operates five Maserati rooftops, two of the country's largest Ferrari dealerships and a newly acquired Porsche dealership as well. Collectively, the group represents roughly 20% of the Maserati market in the US and consistently ranks amongst the top performers in the costumer centric Ferrari market.

While the brands' legendary DNA undoubtedly carries a cache that innately evokes an image of luxury, Gregg Hayim argues that while the iconic badges certainly help the cause, they are merely just one piece of a larger explanation. Hayim's explanation digs deeper and contends that the reputations of his manufacturer partners is betters described as a responsibility than a reason. "Our clients expect the 'wow' factor, the people responsible for that date back to Enzo Ferrari and every other person that played a role in both companies history that refused to accept a product that was anything short of perfection. Our job is to carry on that tradition by constantly pushing ourselves to evolve, grow and seek out opportunities that ensure that the reputation continues to shine."

"This is what sets us apart from the rest of the market." Says Gregg Hayim. "personalization, passion and a genuine obsession with delivering clients the greatest automotive experience they will ever receive." Recently Gregg launched an online buying experience designed to allow his clients to start the vehicle purchase process online. "We've been researching technology and decided to move more processes online. It's rather simple, we identify points of friction in our brand experience, and embrace technology as a solution for those points of friction. What requires careful consideration is using technology while keeping humans firmly at the center of the strategies."

To find that balance Gregg turned to a few technology partners, VeriShow an Israel tech firm and iPit Crew, a U.S. based ad agency specializing in automotive. Here's how it works: With the VeriShow technology embedded inside Gregg's websites, his staff has the ability to communicate directly with online visitors. Communication options include, voice, chat, text and video conference. Gregg points out, "Contemporary consumers demand a strong Omnichannel presence. It's easier to start a conversation with a click sometimes rather than filling out an online form. For us, we route that click to either a Ferrari or Maserati specialist based on the vehicle which initiated the conversation. We also know which vehicle initiated the session, so when the conversation starts everyone is on the same page. With real-time context, we can more accurately predict client needs, and respond proactively with personalized solutions."

Digital communication is step one, collaboration is step two. Typically, after a brief conversation, a traditional dealers ask, "So when can you come down for a test drive?" VeriShow technology gives Gregg and his staff the ability to stream live video from the showroom, to visitors on his website. "Our clients are nationwide, even worldwide, they are enthusiast level, knowledgeable and we cater to their needs. When we can walk to a vehicle in the showroom and stream video back while having a conversation, it's a very powerful tool. If that client is a trader on Wall Street, a venture capitalist in Palo Alto, or an oil executive in Dubai, when they see and hear the engine start from our website it's a 'wow factor'. I'm calling this 'interaction management' and its about giving the customer a personal experience."

Once the client selects a vehicle, the technology allows for peer-to-peer document sharing. The cloud architecture of VeriShow allows the staff to share purchase documents while clients remain in the video conference. "Some of our clients, once they realize they've found the vehicle they've been searching for, are ready to proceed with the purchase. There is no need to fax or courier those documents now, we launch the e-contracting technology and obtain e-signatures. When clients are in the control from their home or office, it is easier to say yes."

The technology opens opportunities for the creative team at iPit Crew to leverage. For example, deploying a retargeting campaigns around the convenience of buying online is one option. Additionally, creating email campaigns introducing a concierge level of service is another. David Prichard, President of iPit Crew says, "Innovation captures consumer attention, attracting both new customers and faithful loyalist. Ferrari and Maserati have been historical pioneers, and it only seems natural they would be a leader on the digital front to find the best way to treat potential owners."

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