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Ferris Translations Announces Release of Free Ebook, "Getting It All Translated", Offering an in-Depth Look at the Translation Industry

The translation world is mysterious to many businesses who need to hire translation services, making the decision making process difficult at best. Michael Ferris of Ferris Translations has stepped up to help try to offer a solution to this problem, with the release of the free ebook,“Getting It All Translated” - a fun and informative look at everything a business needs to know about hiring a translator.


Vienna, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2016 --Like many other situations in life, experts agree, when it comes time to hire a professional translation service, knowledge is power. Without it, the chances of ending up having a good experience can be more of a matter of luck than anything else. Fortunately, help does now exist in this area thanks to Michael Ferris and Ferris Translations, who recently announced the release of the ebook "Getting It All Translated". "Getting It All Translated" is a free download and delivers an easy-to-read and fun look at the translation industry and how to purchase translation agency services or hire individual translators. This business-geared guide has been met with enthusiasm.

"We saw a very real need for a guide to clear up some of the confusion regarding the translation industry," commented a spokesperson from Ferris Translations. "'Getting It All Translated' is a buyer's guide for purchasing translation services. We're reaching out to professionals in the industry, translators, other agencies, translation students, businesspeople starting out and others with an interest in translation services, who we feel can call get real value out of the book."

About Ferris Translations
According to the company, in addition to the free ebook, they offer a long list of diverse translation services. Some of the most popular highlights include: Translations from and to over 35 different languages; translations of all kinds of written materials; marketing, music, engineering, literature and music translations are just some of the specialties.

Ferris Translations is based out of Austria, the heart of Europe.

For more information, be sure to visit http://www.ferristranslations.com.

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