Festlicher Solves Tree Trimming Trauma with Happy Tree Xmas Tree Stand Launch on Kickstarter

Poised to solve Christmas tree stand hassles forever; Festlicher launches a game changer on Kickstarter. Setting straight “Old Tannenbaum” with a remote controller and automatic tree fixation functionality, The Happy Tree Xmas Tree Stand is slated to make decking the halls a whole lot simpler.


Bergisch Gladbach, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2016 --Just in time for another one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" moments, Festlicher launches a holiday must-have on Kickstarter. They've upped the ante on a holiday focal point to wow crowdfunders just in time for Christmas 2017. Knowing that there's nary a soul who hasn't tussled with a Christmas tree all too unwilling to stand straight for its close up, Festlicher has fixed the leaning Tannenbaum issue. Taking a cue from the Christmas song for which they're country's famous, the Germany-based Festlicher has married the digital age to an age old tradition. They're introducing the Happy Tree Xmas Tree Stand to bolster the Christmas cheer of holiday lovers with tinsel, strings of lights, and ornaments in hand. All a Christmas tree hugger in search of a straight tree has to do is set it in the stand, take a seat, and straighten it out with a remote control. This is so handy dandy; it makes one wonder if Santa Claus thought of it himself. Or, was it the elves?

So how does it work? It's equipped with a pressure sensor that triggers claws that surround a spike at the center of the mechanism. Sounds complicated but it's anything but. First using an insertion guide to place the trunk squarely on the center spike, the claws grasp the tree automatically. Once the trunk is inserted into the stand, and the claws grasp it, users need only use a provided remote control to straighten out the tree. The claws promptly do the heavy lifting to move the tree to the vertical direction chosen. Once the tree stands right as rain, a level indicator for a water tank within the Happy Tree Xmas Tree Stand (HTX) keeps watering on point.

Mr. Rene Bürkle, Project Manager for Festlicher, said of the launch of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, "We're currently in the 3D-printed prototype stage and have undergone hundreds of opening and closing cycles without developing any faults or signs of wear and tear on the HTX. We're confident that supporters of our campaign anywhere in the world will have their HTX Christmas Tree Stand by August of 2017. Plenty of time for a hassle-free Christmas next year."

To support the project go directly to Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/858291154/htx-the-best-christmas-tree-stand-with-remote-cont.

About Festlicher
Festlicher is a company based in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany that provides the marketplace with innovative home products. Currently, the Happy Tree Xmas Tree Stand (HTX) is available on Kickstarter.

Mr. Rene Bürkle
Project Manager, Festlicher

Website: http://www.happy-tree-xmas.com