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Achieve Clinical Research Is Looking for Locals Who Are Interested in Participating in a Fibromyalgia Clinical Trial

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Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --The Chronic Effect of Fibromyalgia

Experts estimate that at least 5 million Americans are living with the syndrome known as fibromyalgia. Unfortunately due to the wide range of symptoms associated with it, many cases go undiagnosed for long periods of time.

Along with chronic widespread pain, fibromyalgia can cause:

-Joint stiffness
-Chronic fatigue and other sleep disorders
-Severe muscle tenderness
-Anxiety and depression
-Chronic headaches
-Inability to concentrate (also commonly referred to as the "fibro fog")
-Abdominal pain or menstrual cramps
-Severely sensitive pressure points around the body
-Urinary incontinence

(Fibromyalgia is also commonly linked to other medical conditions like restless leg syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome.)

The exact cause of the syndrome has yet to be confirmed, but research shows that it could be linked to abnormal activity in the parts of the brain that process pain. Fibromyalgia may not be deadly on it's own, but the chronic symptoms can impact all aspects of a patient's life from family and social interactions to overall work performance.

Why Are Research Volunteers Needed?

There are millions of people struggling with the chronic pain that this syndrome can cause, including nearly 150,000 Alabamians. There is no cure for fibromyalgia and families must spend countless hours looking into the best available treatments and therapies. Without clinical trials like the ones Achieve is conducting in Birmingham, rheumatologists wouldn't have many of the tools they need to treat these patients every day.

Volunteers are needed because there is still much to be learned about fibromyalgia and how its symptoms can affect a given patient. Clinical trial participants in the state of Alabama have played a huge role in the advancement of available therapies and the understanding of this complex syndrome.

The direct benefits of participating in a clinical trial in Birmingham include:

-Qualified individuals are gaining access to premium medical care at no cost
-Participants don't need to have health insurance
-Participants are compensated for time and travel expenses

Study Qualification and Informed Consent

In order to qualify for any clinical study, applicants will have to meet specific criteria. Adults who apply for trial enrollment will be screened by one of Achieve's principal investigators. They will be asked some questions regarding their medical history, as well as any prescriptions or other medications they are currently taking. Some may also be asked to temporarily discontinue certain treatments for the duration of the clinical trial.

Also, the staff at Achieve Clinical Research will inform each volunteer about the specific procedures and methods involved in the study. It's very important that each participant is well aware of the risks and benefits before they are submit their informed consent form. Research volunteers should also know that they have the right to withdraw from the clinical trial at any time after enrollment.

Achieve's Clinical Research Facility

Achieve is one of Birmingham's premier research facilities specializing in Phase II-IV clinical trials. Their staff has the resources and capabilities to conduct studies for a variety of conditions such as lupus, chronic pain, back pain and much more. Since 1998, their fully-equipped research site has been able to accommodate more intensive study protocols, while providing a comfortable and engaging experience for their research volunteers.

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About Achieve Clinical Research
Not more than a 20 minute drive from Birmingham International Airport, Achieve Clinical Research is right next door to two of the city's major medical centers. Their principal investigators have more than a decade of experience in the clinical trial industry. Over the last 16 years, Achieve has built up a valuable network of local physicians and medical specialists.

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