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Fidelity 1st Funding in San Diego and Sacramento Emerges as Top Lenders of VA Loan

Being a patriot is honorable no doubt, but a military veteran can also hope to take a loan without any down payment. There are certain regulations to be met though, and Fidelity 1st Funding happens to be an expert in lending the necessary money to the people who serve the nation.


Arcadia, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2018 --Fidelity 1st Funding strongly believes in appreciating the bravery of the military men who remain awake so that their countrymen can sleep undisturbed. Unfortunately, merely the desire to obtain a VA loan in San Diego and Sacramento is not enough. It would help to learn about the entire process and approach the right lender at the right time too.

Being on active duty or a reserve member of the troops makes one eligible for the loan. However, the 'U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' will not be involved directly in the transaction thus necessitating a bank or a financial agency to act as the lender. The veterans residing in California have the edge over their counterparts in other parts of the nation as they have Fidelity 1st Funding by their side.

The funding agency is reputed to have served the heroes of the nation faithfully for long taking care of every single aspect of the process on their behalf. VA loans happen to be a specialty of Fidelity 1st Funding who check the particulars and keep the hopeful borrowers informed every step of the way. Fortunately, this superior funding agency is well equipped to start the lending process early on at the pre-approval stage once the eligibility of the borrower has been established without doubt.

No down payment is undoubtedly a big bonus for the senior veterans as well as their spouses. The government guarantees their mortgage negating the necessity of mortgage insurance for them. Fidelity 1st Funding rejoices for them and offers them all assistance including apprising them about the fee and underwriting needs.

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