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Film Production Comes to Lakewood, NJ


Lakewood, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2014 --An Ocean County resident is on set for his new short film “Priors: An Urban Drama.”

Kevin Green and his guerilla crew have converged on this small, coastal town and are in the midst of filming all over Lakewood’s various landscapes.

The film’s trailer showcases familiar storefronts and locations from around the town, including Lakewood’s Historic District. Green, a graduate of Full Sail University and the producer of the project, states, “It’s an initiative thing. Being on the set is grueling work, but I want to provide quality entertainment to my friends and neighbors.”

Joined by Green is cinematographer, Moe LaRena, and Lonnie Spruill, a recording artist from Brooklyn known professionally as “S.G.”

Based on the true-life story of S.G., the film explores the darker sides of the United States Justice System and the trials that the protagonist faces when he returns home after more than a decade of incarceration.

When asked about the different challenges the film faced, Spruill said, “It’s definitely challenging since all of us have to wear multiple hats, but I think that’s where the camaraderie and friendship kicks in.

Everyone wants to play their part.” Spruill recalls how the idea for came to fruition after a phone call with the producer.“We just finished shooting a reality show, and we’re like, ‘Why stop now?’”

When asked about the goal of this film, Green said, “I just want my community and the rest of my peers to know how easy it is to take action. Everything you see here is a result of people working together for the same goal. It’s kind of beautiful.” The film is being produced by Green’s production company, Half Human Pictures, and is slated for release in January 2015.

About Kevin Green
evin Green is a graduate of Full Sail University and holds a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. He resides in Lakewood, NJ and works for Viacom in New York City. "Priors" is his directorial debut film, and his production company, Half Human Pictures, has several projects in development. In his free time, Kevin enjoys writing, playing sports, and watching movies.

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