Film School Student Seeks Crowdfund Support for Her Truth-Seeking Short Film 'The Book of Disbelief'

A young and talented Met Film School student, Gabriela Chavez, has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in support of her short dystopian film in-the-making which promises an intense watch packed with ardent ideals and dramatic elements.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2016 --Young Met Film School student Gabriela Chavez has recently launched a crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for her short dystopian film in-the-making "The Book of Disbelief". Inspired by a short story titled "Saint Manuel, the Good, Martyr", the drama follows an idealist angle, and is packed with strong elements of oppression, rebellion, death & tragedy in one intensely emotional rollercoaster. The film is a part of Chavez's graduation project.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise 2,500 GBP ($3,313.51).

"Set in alternate reality, my film talks about a place where a government-run censorship council uses religion to foster ignorance. The main protagonist of the film is the young idealistic Alyosha, who, despite being a member of the council, holds the courage to write an atheistic subversive book to highlight the actual truth behind the attitude of the council. He is hopeful that his discovery of truth will be able to enlighten others out there, leading to progress. Also, he is looking to calm down his wife Sabina's anxieties born out of religious doubt, with his book. His strong determination stands strong even in the face of arrest warnings but unfortunately he cannot stand firm anymore when his beloved wife commits suicide after reading the book. My film raises the universal question 'How far is too far' when it comes to seeking the truth and it's going to be a very intense watch for all. It's in the pre-production stage right now and to realize it, a robust financial backup is much needed- hence the crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated", stated Chavez, the film director, while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

Chavez is absolutely ready with her 12-page script enriched in exciting dramatic aspects like a trial, rebellion, 1 idealistic man battling against the whole system and his spirit getting broken. She and her team are now looking forward to finalize the "kick-ass" locations and wardrobe they've found and designed as well as casting and other related tasks – which they are hopeful to cover with the funds gathered from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

"We need some kick-ass locations, a convincing wardrobe and great actors to realize our film in the best way possible. We are to arm up the film with only the 'bests' which is a pricey affair and hence your generous support would be really valuable here."

A great host of perks are waiting for the backers. These include exclusive private link to watch the film online, digital copy of film's script, signed physical print of behind-the-scenes shots, signed physical copy of the script, original copy of one of the signed storyboard pages, a copy of the film's original Concept Art drawing and so on. Donations reaching 350 GBP would be re-warded with original signed physical copy of Alyosha's book. Further pledges reaching 500 GBP would be additionally honored with signed physical DVD of the film and mention of the back-er's name as Executive Producer in film credits.

To show your support for "The Book of Disbelief", visit this link.