Finally, a Slim Wallet with Practical Capacity

Thick, obtrusive wallets can present a variety of issues ranging from safety to back pain. Here to remedy these issues is the Kenette Perfect Slim Wallet, designed with passion and practicality.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --Despite the development of electronic wallets, few business places are adapting, making e-wallets almost completely impractical. In fact, Gallup reports that less than fifteen percent of United States adults have a digital wallet. * So for now, the public's most viable option is a physical, low profile wallet, and the Kenette brand is here to provide just that. Kenette has just opened up preorders on its latest product: the Perfect Slim Wallet. It features unprecedented style, capacity, and thinness.

For those fortunate enough to not have struggled with a chunky wallet, the problems of a thicker wallet may not be apparent. Larger wallets lead to pant creases and pain from the pressure they exert against clothing and bodies. On the other hand, a slim wallet features the ability to access resources quickly and comfortably. Thin wallets avoid the all-too-typical problem of struggling to pull money from tight jeans, ensuring that fashion does not inhibit form.

With these advantages, it is hard to see why thick wallets have not yet left society. The answer is capacity. Slim wallets tend to be unable to hold an adequate amount of assets. This is where the Kenette Perfect Slim Wallet fills its niche. Through several design breakthroughs, wallet is able to hold a key, eight plastic cards, receipts, a business card, cash, and more without bending out of shape.

Aside from the sheer capacity of the wallet, the quality of design is also valued. To this end, each Perfect Slim Wallet is handmade of premium leather. The leather is then treated with oils to ensure longevity and durability. The result is a low-profile, stylish wallet. Unfortunately, a revolutionary product like this one requires capital to launch, so the Kenette team has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. On the campaign page, users can preorder the wallet for a discounted price alongside free shipping within the United States. With the support of readers, Kenette truly can revolutionize the wallet industry.

The current price is $29 with free shipping for in the USA. Orders placed now will be available for holiday delivery.

About Kenette
Kenette was founded by Kenette Louis, a Haitian American handbag designer. He holds over twelve years of experience in the world of fashion and has worked as a designer for brand name industries including Coach, Levi's, MCM, and pottery barn. With his own brand Kenette hopes to pair this same quality of design with a more affordable price. Currently, Kenette is inspired by the diverse landscape of Los Angeles surrounding his home and aims to incorporate the same architectural designs into his work.

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