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Financial Myth Busting Radio Show's Dawn Bennett Interviewed Ted Nugent on President Obama and the Second Amendment

Nugent is also known for his staunch conservative political views, his strong advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights and his outspoken and provocative political statements.


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2014 --Nationally Syndicated Financial Myth Busting Radio Show with Host Dawn Bennett, CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, interviewed legendary American rock musician Ted Nugent, on President Obama and the Second Amendment.

The show airs live on each Sunday at 11 am EDT. It now has over a year’s worth of achieved interviews for listeners free on-demand at including the interview with Ted Nugent.

Dawn discusses educational topics and events in the financial news, along with her thoughts on the economy Steve Forbes and Grover Norquist. Listeners can call 855-884-DAWN as well as take podcasts on the road and forums for interaction. The show is a great complement to Dawn’s monthly investing seminars that take place at Tysons Corner in McLean, VA, where she discusses investing. The next one is slated for March 27, 2014 at 7 pm.

Ted Nugent is a legendary American rock musician from Detroit, Michigan, where he initially gained fame as lead guitarist for the group Amboy Dukes before embarking on a solo career. His hits coming mostly in the 1970s were Strangle Hold, Cat Scratch Fever, Wango Tango and Great White Buffalo. He is also known for his staunch conservative political views, his strong advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights and his outspoken and provocative political statements. Following the re-election of President Obama on November 6, 2012, Nugent posted several interesting tweets on his Twitter account the next day. Ted’s first tweet said, “pimps, whores, welfare brats, and their soulless supporters, now have a President to destroy America.” Ted’s second tweet that day said, “What sub-human varmint believes others must pay for their obesity, booze, cell phones, birth control, abortion and lives?” Ted’s third tweet that same day said, “Good luck America, you just voted for economic and spiritual suicide you soulless fools.”

Here are some thoughts from Ted Nugent from the interview:

“There is only one experiment in self-government, and that’s The United States of America. We need to celebrate what makes us better than any other society in the history of human kind. I am addicted to logic and self-evident truth.

“Let’s identify the Chicago gangster, community ACORN dude in chief. This President of the United States (Obama) goes to the Vietnam Memorial Wall and he has his teleprompters all wired up and his Saul Alinsky, Valerie Jarrett, who by the way was proud to quote Mao Tse-tung as an inspiration, publicly, on film, without flinching, so the President pretends, and continues his masterful scam that he is paying tribute and honor to 58,000 dead American military heroes who died fighting communism. Then the Commander-in-Chief hires, appoints, and hangs out with communists.

“I attended The State of the Union address by President Obama in 2013. It was like I landed in the rejected script of One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest meets Planet of the Apes, and Simon Green. Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t produce this movie, it’s too stupid. The State of the Union address was exactly what this fraudulent, deceitful, unqualified, Chicago Gangster, community organizer in chief has always operated under, his modus operondi. This guy gets up there and I wonder if this is a Saturday morning cartoon for children or is this the State of the Union Address by the President of the United States? He claims he’s going to save the children, end world hunger, stop “global warming” and bring about world peace. Well God Bless you sir, I didn’t see the cape up there. Certainly it’s about time someone addressed these evil issues. I’m only let down because he didn’t claim he could end the drownings.

“Obama admitted his policies on the campaign trail would ‘necessarily cause the cost of energy to skyrocket.’ Well my God I’m voting for this guy, how ‘bout you?” He claims he’s going to do all of the above for American energy independence and said that over and over again, meanwhile who dares to call in to the Dawn Bennett show and attempt to explain how he’s done any of it? He’s done just the opposite. He’s like Saul Alinsky meets Mao Tse-tung, he’s a liar scammer.

“With regards to the second amendment, let’s identify the most egregious infringements. It says right in the Bill of Rights 2nd amendment, ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ I certainly don’t need any interpretation. I would ask Former Mayor Bloomberg and NY Governor Cuomo and the President and the gun running Attorney General Holder and all of the gun grabbers, including Diane Feinstein, who carries a 38 revolver, but won’t allow her subjects to carry one, what explanation do they need?

“The evidence is so in my camp. Let’s study the most egregious violations of the second amendment. Governor Cuomo, son of Mario, and Former Mayor Bloomberg, have tried to reduce the 2nd amendment to a weekend recreational consideration. Is there a human being in America that holds any position above cuckoos nest manager, who thinks the Founding Fathers 2nd amendment was to protect deer hunting! Are you kidding me? Let’s study Cuomo and Bloomberg’s indecency, they will dictate to their subjects that they will be limited, in Bloomberg’s case, to no weapons, NONE. ‘You will be unarmed and helpless because I have decided that.’ Cuomo dictates you can’t have more than 7 bullets in your gun, but his personal security detail paid for by the tax payers have real assault weapons, unlimited ammo and unlimited fire power. So let me get this right, our employEES get to have machine guns and unlimited capacity magazines, but the employERS, are limited to seven rounds and 1840 technology. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

“I’m just a guitar player, I never went to college, I was too busy leaning stuff. I’ve been a cop since 1982, I’ve been a sheriff’s deputy and have conducted raids with the best human beings that have ever walked the planet, the heroes of the FBI and DEA and ATF and federal marshals and the Texas Rangers. I’ve actually been the doorman on federal fugitive arrest raids, so this isn’t your average guitar player.

“My point is I know how this stuff works. I know what Cuomo and Bloomberg and gun running Attorney General Holder and what Chicago community scam artist ACORN guys are doing and I’m not buying it. I’m speaking for hard working, playing hard, Americans who are driven to be an asset to their families and community and this great country. I’m speaking for the people in the productive asset column of America, where conversely, our President represents the non-productive liability column of America. Who doesn’t get that?

“Obamacare will give less people access to mental health treatment. Look at the photos of every guy in these mass shootings, the history of every one of these shooters, their own family members have for some time, years of alarm ringing where they’ve said, ‘my son, my brother, a neighbor or fellow student, you know bonzo over here, he’s going to end up shooting some one.’ This is on record. It’s like a la monster at Fort Hood, everybody knows this was an Allah Akbar numbnut! Everybody knew this guy was an enemy of America and they looked the other way because of the scourge, the curse of political correctness, which is more interested in not hurting evil peoples feelings, than saving innocent lives. It’s bizarre-o-world. This is not a Ted Nugent guess, the statistics are inescapable unless someone buries their head under a rock.

“The guy who shot a fireman, he was on parole, which means a judge, prosecutor and a wonderful anti-justice system, let a guy out of jail who had murdered his grandmother with a ballpeen hammer. If someone does that I think decent common sense, generally concerned smart citizens would agree that people who do that should never be paroled. In fact I wish grandma had shot him dead. We need to keep murderers in cages. A high percentage of guys are let out after attempting to kill cops and you know what attempted murder means? It means you’re a murderer; you’re just really bad at it."

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