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Financial Services Recruiting Firm in the USA, Selby Jennings, Is Innovative and Responsive to Adapt to Their Clients' Bespoke Requirements


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2020 --Ever since the firm was first established in 2004, Selby Jennings has been enabling banking and financial services businesses across America to create robustness through investment in people. Understanding that the key challenge for any enterprise today is talent has enabled the team at Selby Jennings to support a range of employers in finding opportunities for greater growth, innovation and risk management through effective team building. This is happening all over the country, from Boston and Chicago to New York, San Francisco and Dallas, as well as the 60+ countries globally where Selby Jennings US has reach.

As the financial services sector continues to evolve it's crucial for organisations within it – whether agile start-ups or traditional finance firms – to find ways to be responsive to this ongoing change. From regulation to the influence of technology and new waves of competition, the sector is being constantly disrupted and this is unlikely to stop in the near future. Securing the right people means that any enterprise can progress with confidence that opportunities are being optimised and emerging risks identified and well managed. "Selby Jennings helps to solve the number one challenge – talent," commented Luis Rolim, Group Marketing Director at Selby Jennings. "We work to provide quality financial services recruiting in the USA and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent."

The range of permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions that are provided by Selby Jennings covers roles and requirements across the entire banking and financial services industry. This includes corporate and investment banking and investment management, as well as insurance and actuarial fields, risk management and legal and compliance, from New York and San Francisco to Boston, Chicago and Dallas. The team at Selby Jennings has extensive experience in supporting candidates looking to define careers in these areas and enabling organisations to secure the talent to move forward. Best-in-class training ensures that the firm's consultants meet its own high standards and investment in the latest recruitment technology allows Selby Jennings to be as innovative and responsive as many of its clients.

Selby Jennings has built extensive networks that have supported its progress as a leading specialist recruiter in the field. This includes maintaining strong links with more than a million mid-to-senior professionals and nurturing relationships with banks, insurers, and asset managers across the sector. Thanks to being part of an international recruitment network, the firm's perspective is a unique mix of global and local, which allows it to provide recruitment that is genuinely cross border. As a specialist recruitment partner Selby Jennings prioritises empowering professionals and companies to make informed hiring decisions that result in mutually beneficial outcomes for both.

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