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American Collectors Insurance Offering Policies to Protect Antique Cars During Travel

LogoWith vehicle collectors gearing up to display their classic cars at auto shows this summer, drivers are going to require protection through transportation. Offering flexible and comprehensive insurance policies, American Collectors Insurance is proud to announce their extra layer of protection through a towing and labor for collectors plan. There are three levels of coverage available, and drivers have the option to choose silver, gold, or platinum at affordable rates.

American Collectors Insurance Expands Coverage for Collectors Into All 50 States

LogoAcross the country, many individuals spend their free time adding to a collection and growing their hobby. It's a great thrill to find rare and antique items to add to any collection, from comics to coins to stamps and sports memorabilia. Helping protect these cherished items, American Collectors Insurance has expanded their coverage for collectibles and enhanced their policies in all 50 states. Through the expansion, the agency has become a one-stop-shop for the protection of all collectibles with flexible plans and discount options.

Claybrooke Life Insurance Launches a Key Person Life Insurance Campaign

Claybrooke Life Insurance wants to ensure companies are protected in the event a key person becomes unavailable either temporarily or permanently. When key personnel go down, it may be impossible to fill their shoes quickly, and companies need time to find a replacement that is suitable. The insurance policy allows the company to take the time needed to find the right person for the job and may mean the difference between remaining in business or closing the doors for good.

Avail Optimum Automobile Coverage by Getting Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Provided by Kaups Insurance

Riding a bike gives a pure adrenaline rush to passionate bike lovers. But quite often it gets scratched, breaks down and even gets badly damaged due to accidents. To get optimum automobile insurance coverage, individuals can avail the motorcycle insurance quotes provided by Kaups Insurance. The quotes offered assist bike owners to get information about reliable companies that provide maximum protection with minimum legal requirements. These insurance quotes help in dealing with different queries with broad variations in deductibles and premiums, in rider qualifications, in cost and coverage and variations related to different kinds of motorcycles. Their specialized motorcycle quotes help in dealing with concerns about trailer coverage, rider accessories, medical options, roadside assistance and repair options.

Randi Glazer Has Created New Hub Pages for Underwriting Property and Inland Marine Insurance

Randi Glazer got her start as an Underwriter after graduating from the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Since becoming a Commercial Underwriter more than 20 years ago, Randi has held various leadership positions within the Insurance and Reinsurance industry. With each career move she gained more experience broadening her insurance industry knowledge. Randi Glazer went on to earn her MBA from American Intercontinental University graduating Summa Cum Laude while working full time and traveling internationally with Wellington Underwriting Inc.

Sydney Life Insurance Expert Says People Should Be Aware Life Insurance Protects Against Unforeseen Circumstances

Superhero Insurance, who help people find cheaper life insurance quotes by comparing all the prices available, want people living and working in Sydney to understand how important life insurance is.

Superhero Insurance Says Newly Married Couples Are Not Safe Guarding Against Debt

Superhero Insurance, who has launched a life insurance comparison tool so consumers can compare prices, has warned that newly married couples could face a lifetime of debt, f they do not buy life insurance and income protection insurance.

Superhero Insurance Has Launched a Campaign to Explain the Importance of Trauma Insurance

Tens of thousands of Australians take out different types of insurance, such as life insurance. However, not many people understand the importance of trauma insurance of what this type of insurance is. To help education people, Superhero Insurance, who helps people save money on insurance policies through their insurance comparison tool has launched a campaign.

Superhero Insurance Says People Need to Compare Life Insurance Policies to Save Money

Thousands of consumers each month are overpaying on their Life Insurance according to reports. The majority of those people are unaware there are special online tools that can help them compare policies and find the best prices within minutes. Superhero Insurance, who has one of the most used Insurance comparison tools in Australia, would like to educate people on the importance of shopping for the best price.

More People in Perth Are Using the Superhero Insurance Comparison Tool for Lower Insurance Quotes

People living and working in Perth know the importance of having various types of insurance, they also know they should not overpay on their policies. That is why, Superhero Insurance is pleased to announce more people in Perth are now using their Insurance Comparison Tool to compare and find lower priced insurance.

Fresno Based Auto Insurance Company Quickbuy Tells How Car Insurance Soars Beyond Inflation, as Drivers Fall Into Online Traps

Drivers are being warned not to be seduced by big discounts on comprehensive car insurance sold online, as premiums soared nearly five times the inflation rate in the past year.

Randi Glazer Has Created a New Hub Pages for Underwriting Property and Inland Marine Insurance

LogoRandi Glazer got her start as an Underwriter after graduating from the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  Since becoming a Commercial Underwriter more than 20 years ago, Randi has held various leadership positions within the Insurance and Reinsurance industry.  With each career move she gained more experience broadening her insurance industry knowledge.  Randi Glazer went on to earn her MBA from American Intercontinental University graduating Summa Cum Laude while working full time and traveling internationally with Wellington Underwriting Inc.

Oracle Warranty Has Become a Leading Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Insurer

Thousands of people each week find themselves paying out for unnecessary car repairs bills due to the warranty on their car being expired. Through getting the correct cover, those people could have saved a great deal of money if they took out Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown. One company who has become a leading provider of such insurance is Oracle Warranty.

Disability Host Provider I Can Direct Announces First Plans for Transition to NDIS

I Can Direct, a leading host provider under Queensland's Your Life Your Choice program, announced plans for helping residents with the upcoming transition to Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme. With Queensland scheduled to come online with the program on the first of July next year, I Can Direct is prepared to ensure that the transition will be a smooth one for the many disabled residents who take part in the state's Your Life Your Choice self directed support system. With a plan now in place that accounts well for the details known ahead of the bilateral agreement to be signed in December of this year, I Can Direct is especially well positioned to help disabled Queenslanders and their families navigate the upcoming changes.

Invest in Premium Life Insurance Policy by Getting Life Insurance Quotes from Kaups Insurance

Buying good life insurance is an astute and sensible decision for individuals who want their family members to be financially secure. But, understanding various insurance packages and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Therefore, invest in the desired life insurance policy by first getting some of the best life insurance quotes from Kaups Insurance. The company offers the guidance of reliable companies in dealing with client questions like the required amount of life insurance, procedure of tying the insurance amount into an individual's salary, premiums, payment schedule and much more.

Freedom Insurance Group Inc. Now Offers Auto Insurance in Philadelphia

Freedom Insurance Group Inc. now writes auto insurance in Philadelphia for Agency Insurance Company. AIC has been providing car insurance for over 20 years. They offer over 10 discounts to include multi-policy, multi-car, responsible driver, safety course, home ownership, paid in full, continuous insurance, violation free and green. In addition to car insurance in Philadelphia they provide coverage for motorcycles and off road vehicles. The agency also writes homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, life insurance, commercial insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, ATV insurance, and umbrella policies. Your agent can inform you of the basic coverages for auto insurance that are mandatory to carry in the state of Pennsylvania.

Eyekan Consultants, LLC, Expands to Provide Access to the Private Exchange/marketplace for Employers

EyeKan Consultants, LLC, Private Exchange Marketplace Brokers, specializing in transitioning small businesses from traditional group benefits to the Private Exchange Marketplace is expanding to meet the demands of the industry post Health Care Reform.

Mr. Provider Unveils Life Insurance in Texas Solutions

Mr. Provider has come up with Life Insurance In Texas options for users who can now assure themselves of the best possible deals that are available in the market.

Freedom Insurance Group Inc. Now Offers Lower Commercial Auto Insurance Rates Through Progressive

The agency writes business owners coverage such as Business Owners Policy, General Liability Insurance, Workers Comprehensive Insurance, and Commercial Vehicle Insurance. For example, landscapers expose themselves and their employees to risk of injuries as well as property damage. Effective March 12, 2015 Progressive's commercial auto rates for new business have dropped 20-30% for these categories: Residential builders, Landscapers, other trade contractors, Religious organizations, Farming & Livestock. Starting April 18th current customers can also take advantage of lower rates. Having the proper commercial insurance in Philadelphia is important for a business owner. In addition to Landscapers which falls under Contractor's Insurance, Progressive commercial also offers policies for carpenters, plumbers, cleaning services, painters, handymen, and electricians. An independent agent can guide you through your risks as a business owner as well as explain the coverages to protect against those risks.

Vergelijk Direct Receives AFM License to Comply with Comparison Website Regulations in Netherlands has recently received a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for their insurance comparison website, allowing them to broker the best deals on indemnity and health insurance on behalf of individuals. The company received the license on March 4th, and has since transformed from a review site to a brokerage, using their recommended providers to source best-value Indemnity- and health insurance for individuals.

The Brian Bolger Agency Reports Now Is the Time to Reassess Insurance Policies

Clark Howard, a financial guru, reported in August 2014 that 33 percent of Americans fail to shop their car insurance and approximately 50 percent fail to shop their homeowners insurance. Although consumers prefer to remain loyal to a company, found that individuals who do shop around for car insurance may save a third on their premium. Individuals need to shop around, reports the Brian Bolger Agency, as they may be eligible for policy discounts and other premium reduction offerings.

EasyCover Launches New Website to Provide Free Quotes for Personal Liability Insurance

Blake Harrison, CEO of EasyCover, announced the launch of the company's new website at . To celebrate the event, the firm is providing professionals with the ability to obtain a free, no-obligation quote online. The firm provides professionals in multiple fields with the liability insurance they need to protect themselves and their business interests.

Professional Liability Insurance Launches New Website with Free Online Quotes

James Roberts, founder of (PLI), announced that the firm has launched its new website and is offering business owners a free quote for their professional liability insurance. Detailed, no-obligation quotes can be obtained online.

New Platform Evaluates Life Insurance Companies

LogoToday, the experts at (TBC) are launching a new platform that evaluates life insurance companies across the nation. Ten companies that provide life insurance policies were ranked in several categories and overall to provide valuable insights for consumers.

Triton Insurance Group in Margate Florida Announces Acquisition of Phoenix Insurance Group

LogoFor years, Triton Insurance Group, Inc. has set the Home and Auto Insurance bar higher than any other agency by offering a multitude of options to their clients. With Triton's recent purchase of Phoenix Insurance Group they look to bring the same business model to the Commercial Insurance Industry. Since 1993, Triton's agents have taken a different approach to Insurance by embracing technology and forming hundreds of relationships with Insurance Carriers. Triton's philosophy is what makes them one of Florida's leading providers of Home, Auto, Specialty and Umbrella Insurance products. With the recent purchase of Phoenix Insurance Group, (20+ year old commercial agency) the agents and owners of Triton have signaled that they are expanding into the commercial space.