Financial Press Releases

Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations

An investigation on behalf of investors of Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN) shares over potential securities laws violations by Trinity Industries and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

Lovell Consulting to Host Capital Allowance Seminars in Mayfair's Savile Club

Taxation is essential for the running of a modern society, but it is also a hugely complex system that takes into account hundreds of potential variables that are designed to ensure everyone pays the right amount of tax for their circumstances. Unfortunately, many people fail to take advantage of all their allowances and end up paying more tax than they should, especially when it comes to capital allowances. Lovell Consulting helps their clientele prevent this from happening, and are hosting free to attend seminars that will help more people understand how much they can save.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews John Allison, CEO of the Cato Institute & Author of "The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure"

BENNETT: John Allison is the former CEO of BB&T Bank and the current CEO of the Cato Institute, a public policy research organization, dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. Allison is also author of the bestselling book, The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure, which, according to Steve Forbes, is one of the most important books of the year and one that our founding fathers would be impressed by. John, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

The Law Offices of Robert Dodson, P.A on Car Insurance Rate: How Insurance Claims Can Affect Drivers in Years to Come

LogoGetting involved in a car accident could be too troublesome that many drivers will try their hardest to avoid it in fear that they might hit a higher car insurance rate in the coming years. A recent study reveals that even when a driver claim once, 41% more on car insurance based on several factors to determine the increase in rate will be asked in the coming years.

"Charge Cards in Taiwan" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoCharge cards continue to see a fall in popularity in Taiwan as a result of several factors. On the supply side, low merchant acceptance has remained a key problem for charge cardholders. Due largely to higher interest rates passed on to sellers, many merchants have opted to not accept American Express or Diners Club payments. This has resulted in charge cardholders having a limited number of merchants in which they can use their cards. With a limited amount of competition between charge card...

Recent Study: Employee Benefits in Malaysia

LogoThe report provides in-depth industry analysis, information and insights into employee benefits in Malaysia, including:

Upstart Patriot Equipment Finance to Focus on Niche Markets

A person never knows what a Las Vegas night may inspire when three friends who happen to be former leasing executives get together to celebrate the birthday of their colleague.

Big Investment Group Featured Stock: ForceField Energy Inc. (NasdaqCM:FNRG) Is Generating Revenues Up +138% and Has Signed a 5 Year Contract That Is Worth $75 to $90 Million

LogoBig Investment Group Featured Stock: ForceField Energy Inc. (NasdaqCM:FNRG) Is Generating Revenues Up +138% And Has Signed A 5 Year Contract That Is Worth $75 to $90 Million.

TopStockTips Featured Stock: ForceField Energy Inc. (NasdaqCM:FNRG) Is Generating Revenues Up +138% and Has Signed a 5 Year Contract That Is Worth $75 to $90 Million Dollars

LogoTopStockTips Featured Stock: ForceField Energy Inc. (NasdaqCM:FNRG) Is Generating Revenues Up +138% And Has Signed A 5 Year contract That Is Worth $75 to $90 Million Dollars.

Atlanta Mortgage Firm Urges Borrowers to Apply for Jumbo Loans

The jumbo loan market is the only bright spot in an otherwise shrinking mortgage market, and an Atlanta company that specializes in refinancing and purchasing of homes believes those dreaming of buying their own home should take advantage of the favorable market conditions.

Obamacare to Affect Small Businesses Taxes in 2015

Obamacare was enacted in 2010 in order to allow more Americans to purchase affordable health insurance. Obamacare (if you weren't already aware) refers to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the new regulations it has implemented to improve the health care industry. Its main requirement is that every American have health insurance either through their employer, a private provider, or a federally assisted program.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Chris Martenson, Economic Researcher and Co-Founder of

BENNETT: Chris Martenson is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and he is also the co-founder of Chris's insights are in high demand as he's not an economist, but was trained as a scientist. He completed both the PhD and post-doctoral programs at Duke University, and was one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market collapse.

All Penny News: Iveda Solutions Makes Progress in Vietnam Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "Iveda Solutions Makes Progress in Vietnam."

"New Product Development: The Rush to Innovate the Next Finance Star" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWhile investments into other industry start-ups have declined in recent years, venture capitalists continue to invest heavily within the financial services industry. The innovations can be categorised into three overriding themes: reaching the markets not served by traditional finance services companies; the rise of greater personalisation; and the shift toward complete financial mobility.

Jordan & Lebanon Insurance Report Q2 2015 - New Market Research Report

LogoInsurers in Lebanon and Jordan face some key risks during our forecast period through to 2019, including downwards pressure on pricing caused by intense competition within a fragmented marketplace and demographic challenges. In Lebanon, economic uncertainty and currency fluctuations mean we expect to see overall contractions in life and non-life insurance by 2019. The outlook for Jordan is more positive, with healthier domestic economic growth supporting expansion of a range of life and non-life lines.

Market Report, "Credit Cards in Spain", Published

LogoGiven the current adverse economic scenario in Spain, which has led to record high unemployment rates, extremely low levels of consumer confidence and very limited disposable income levels, credit card usage experienced another negative year as more consumers than ever before switched to other types of financial cards in an attempt to save money and exercise better control over their expenditure. The high fees associated with credit cards of up to EUR30 per year represented another barrier to...

Charge Cards in Indonesia - New Report Available

LogoCharge cards will remain the least dynamic category within financial cards in Indonesia in 2014 and is expected to have a slight decline in terms of number of cards in circulation. Indonesian people are in general still not aware of the distinction between credit and charge cards, considering the charge card as a kind of credit. Most Indonesians who intend to postpone their payments are advocates of instalment payments, therefore preferring credit cards over charge cards.

Manchester Property Investment Company Launches New Website

LogoMayweather Estates have recently launched their brand new property investment website, led by Manchester based property entrepreneur Jordan Yaffe. Offer Borrowers with Quick Search for Instant Loans Online, a payday comparison website, was recently launched with the aim of helping people find the best overall loan provider that fits their needs. The website offers a number of services to help find the right payday loan. According to sources, this online service comes across as trustworthy and impartial, comparing the rates of several payday lenders so as to offer their clients the lowest rates and most beneficial terms in the industry.

Superhero Insurance Says Buying a House Without Income Protection Insurance Could Be a Costly Mistake

A leading insurance company in Australia, who helps consumers save money on their insurance needs, are concerned first-time buyers are not been given the financial advice they need to safeguard their financial future. Superhero Insurance, who with their insurance comparison tool has helped consumers save money, has warned 20% of defaulted mortgages in Australia are caused by the loss of income. Through Income Protection Insurance, this figure could be reduced, according to a spokesman for Superhero Insurance.

Superhero Insurance Says Single Parents Are at Financial Risk by Ignoring Income Protection Insurance

Superhero Insurance has seen a huge increase in the number of people who are protecting their financial future through Income Protection Insurance. However, millions of single parents are failing to protect themselves financially in case of illness or injury. That means, if a single parent who has the sole responsibility to deal with home finances suffers an illness or is injured, there only income could be stopped. Superhero Insurance, the company that helps consumers find the best insurance cover at affordable prices through their Free insurance comparison tool, would like single parents to research how cost effective and important Income Protection Insurance is.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Greg Zuckerman, a Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal and Book Author

DAWN BENNETT: Greg Zuckerman is a Special Writer at The Wall Street Journal and the author of The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters. Before that, he was the managing editor of Mergers & Acquisitions Report, a newsletter published by Investment Dealers' Digest. Zuckerman writes about hedge funds, big financial trades and other things of interest and regularly pens the widely read 'Heard on the Street' column. Today, Greg is here to discuss how collapsing energy prices are impacting America's domestic energy producers and why he thinks oil will stay below a $100 a barrel for years to come. Greg, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

The Convergence of Virtual Reality and Live Sports

LogoGoPro (GPRO) last week announced a partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) to provide hockey fans never-before-seen perspectives of the game, including the use of cameras worn by players and officials. The company also is in partnership with Vislink to provide real-time, on-athlete video perspectives for live broadcasts. Similarly, since the end of November 2014, the Guitammer Company (GTMM) has been partnering with the San Jose Sharks and Comcast SportsNet California (CSNCA) to broadcast this year's Sharks home games in '4D', utilizing sensors on the boards to broadcast real-time the feel and bone jarring impacts as the NHL players crash each other into the boards for the viewers at home to experience. These developments constitute a compelling step forward in the broadcast of live sports, and it might be worth looking at where this is headed.

Notice: Investors Who Currently Hold Shares of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc (NYSE:DVA) Should Contact the Shareholders Foundation

LogoAn investigation for investors, who currently hold NYSE:DVA shares, is ongoing concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc, formerly DaVita Inc, that caused damages to the company and NYSE:DVA stockholders.

CONN'S, Inc. (NASDAQ:CONN) Long-Term Investor Alert: Lawsuit Against Directors over Alleged Wrongdoing Filed

LogoA current investor in NASDAQ:CONN shares filed a lawsuit against directors of CONN'S, Inc. over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties that caused damages to the company and NASDAQ:CONN stockholders.

Attention Current Long-Term OTCMKTS:SABA Investors: Lawsuit Against Directors of Saba Software, Inc Filed

LogoA lawsuit was filed by a current investor in shares of Saba Software, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SABA, formerly NASDAQ:SABA) against certain directors.

WPX Energy Inc (NYSE:WPX) Stockholder Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of WPX Energy Inc (NYSE:WPX) shares over potential securities laws violations by WPX Energy and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.